Strength & Speed

"If you want something you never had, you have to be willing to do something you have never done."

Podcast- 2018 Episodes

Strength & Speed podcast is an Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) focused podcast that aims to bring you the best techniques and training tips in OCR.  

What makes us different is the unique approach to taking lessons learned from other sports and applying them to OCR.  Plus, we try to focus on the smaller or lesser known race series to highlight their unique take on OCR. Subscribe to the feed to keep up with the latest episodes.

We will be talking and interviewing athletes, coaches and race directors from inside the OCR industry as well as athletes from other sports.  

Podcast is available here, on iTunes, Stitcher and Podbean.

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S&S Podcast Hosts

Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team Athlete, GINGER and all around RED BEAST of OCR, Brenna Calvert

Strength & Speed owner, CTG Pro Team Athlete and Hammer Nutrition & Sinergy Sports sponsored athlete Evan Perperis.  For full bio click here.


S&S Latest Podcast Episodes

Ep 39: Former Canadian Olympic Biathlete, former BattleFrog Pro Team Athlete and owner of the Northman race Marco Bedard joins Evan to discuss starting his own race series.  Includes details about the unique aspects of the Northman race, the Northman marathon, how his series has a historical background, the Northman Team and future plans for the race series 

Episode brought to you by Oofos, feel the oofoam and treat your feet with recovery sandals.  

Intro/Outro courtesy of Marc Capaldo from Madison Ambush.

Ep 38: Owner of Binghamton, NY's permanent OCR facility Newbsanity, Jarrett Newby joins Evan for an episode talking about lessons learned from motocross that can be applied to OCR, his top ten finish at both 3k OCR World Championships and the 24 hour long World's Toughest Mudder and Newbsanity's Worst Birthday Ever.  Worst Birthday Ever is kind of like Death Race but you are treated the worst and your family/friends can watch.  Plus, Jarrett shares his tradition of his off podium finisher pictures.

Episode brought to you by dryrobe, it's freezing this year, #staywarm with the world's most advanced changing robe.  Great for use as pre/post race, as a winter coat, as a blanket in your own house or as a portable changing area on a hot race day.

Intro/Outro from Marc Capaldo of Madison Ambush.

Intro and Outro music for all episodes is "From Another Day" by Madison Ambush.  Music used with the permission of Marc Capaldo.