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Playout Obstacle Course Racing Game Review

Posted by ackbar80 on January 27, 2021 at 8:00 PM

When I first started training for Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), my initial reaction was, I NEED an OCR gym or ninja gym. While an OCR/ninja gym does provide the most specific training, there isn’t always one that is nearby or convenient to visit. This is where the “Playout OCR Game” comes in. Here’s a quick review of Playout The OCR Game, one of three options available from Playout.

What is it?

Playout OCR is a 56 card game and exercise deck. It includes:

10 Terrain Cards: Exercises that simulate running, going uphill, swimming and more.

10 Skill Obstacles: Exercises that simulate doing obstacles.

12 Strength Obstacles: Exercises that simulate obstacles that require more muscle like rope climbs, log flips, tire drag and more.

Plus, 8 mini-games and 12 wildcards, more on that later.

How is it used?

The very simplified explanation is that is a workout card game. I used to do something similar with a deck of regular playing cards but this is way better. You don’t have to try to remember what each suit stood for and you can have more than four exercises.

Aspects I Loved:

When talking OCR training in my book Strength & Speed’s Guide to Elite OCR, I list three pillars that OCR training needs to be useful: Progressive, Specific and Enjoyable. Using this model to assess Playout, every card has an easy, medium and hard level listed on the top. This makes it scalable and progressive (i.e. you can make it harder as you get better). Furthermore, every card has what it is supposed to simulate (for example, hang switch simulates monkey bars, dragon walk simulates barbed wire crawl, pushup rolls simulates rolling under an obstacle, etc.). This makes the training specific.

Finally, is Playout enjoyable? They hit it out of the park with this one. Whether you are an adult looking for a good workout or a kid looking to get moving you will love it. My five year old daughter wants to play daily (I scale the training down a little bit further and modify the games).


There are so many options I don’t even know where to start. You could simply go through the deck doing every exercise on easy/medium/hard, you could pick a couple of cards or you could follow one of the nearly dozen suggestions that is included in the deck. There is 8 mini-games, a team race version (multi-person), an open heat version (easier/more scalable), an elite heat version (harder/more competitive) and the combination game. The combination game is essentially taking Playout OCR and combining it with either Playout The Game and/or Playout The Game 2.


The game is a ton of fun. I think it is a great option for something to change up your training, incorporate as part of your weekly routine or as I found out recently do with your kids. Pick one up for yourself, you kids, relatives or anyone that wants to have fun while getting in some great OCR specific exercises.

Order yours here:


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