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Moving Past The Gripper: Part I

Posted by ackbar80 on December 7, 2016 at 10:50 AM

How many grip strength articles have you read that tell you to buy one of those grippers? Probably all of them. Well I am tired of reading those too, so here are some options to move you past the gripper for improving grip strength. Grippers are good if:

1. It is used properly (i.e. focusing on training and not just squeezing it mindlessly while you perform other tasks)

2. It provides a amount of resistance to cause muscle adaptation (i.e. the ones you buy in a sporting goods store are probably too weak, if you are gripper obsessed try Heavy Duty or Captains of Crush)

       One of my principles for obstacle course strength training is “Turn every exercise into a grip strength exercise”. While curls or tricep extensions can improve the arm muscles associated with pulling yourself up and over obstacles, they can be enhances through special attachments. Here are some product options if you are looking to adhere to the principal of “every exercise should stress your grip”:

1. Fat Gripz: While Fat Gripz were designed focusing on anyone who wants to build stronger arms. They are a rubber sleeve that goes over your dumbbells making the bar thicker and harder to hold.


2. Fat Gripz Extreme: If you like Fat Gripz you will love Fat Gripz Extreme. It is Fat Gripz taken up one notch by providing an extra thick bar. In fact, it is too thick for many people (that’s what she said), which is why I recommend purchasing Fat Gripz first so you can work your way up as opposed to going right to the hardest level.


3. Sinery Sports Grips: You may have hear of Shale Hill and the “Robstacles” built by owner Rob Butler. He was the guy that brought that ridiculous band cutter contraption to the 2015 Obstacle Course Racing World Championship. He also makes some great grip strength training tools. While most people use these solely for building rigs (which they are great for), they can also be used daily at the gym. By taking rig attachments and using them on pulley machines it allows you to simulate awkward grips without the full weight of your body. This creates a mechanism for slowly increasing resistance. Just because you can’t hang from a nunchaku now, does not mean you can’t incorporate that grip and movement into your training.


Check back soon for part II in the article, which is focused on some of the great products offered by Ironmind (one of the sponsors of World’s Strongest Man). If you like their products makes sure you pick up a free catalog along with their June issue of MILO, which features our article “Enhancing OCR Training”. If there is any company to take lessons from regarding strength improvement, then Ironmind has the solution.


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