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2020/2021: A Time to Pivot?

Posted by ackbar80 on March 4, 2021 at 3:20 PM

2020 was a different year for racing and made training a little more challenging because it seemed like every event was in flux. While talking to my filmmaker friend Bobby Ross, he casually mentioned “it might be time to pivot”. At the time I was upset by this, I’ve invested too much into Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) in both time, money, effort, sponsors and articles to pivot to something else.


Well I took a little bit of his advice, and honestly I hope other people did that too. I’m still producing podcasts, still writing articles for both Mud Run Guide and Strength & Speed, however I’ve picked up some new hobbies.


While this will still be an OCR focused website with touches into other sports like running, strength training and endurance training, we are adding in a new touch, martial arts. After picking up a long ago retired hobby of karate, I’m going to post the occasional martial arts related article here along with increasing the amount of OCR content I’m producing specifically for Strength & Speed.


I have no intentions of pivoting away from OCR, but rather you are going to get all the usual great content (podcast, articles, Ultra-OCR charity events) plus a little flare of something new.


Did you pivot in 2020? Or planning a pivot?

Listen to Episode 147 of the Strength & Speed podcast: The Pivot to hear what some of our athletes adjusted to with limited OCR occurring.


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