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MYTHIC RACE ONLY SALE: Your Choice of Book


Have you heard of the hottest new OCR in the midwest, Mythic Race?  They are holding their 2nd annual event on April 14, 2023 in Benton, MO.

Find out more about Mythic Race by searching for "Mythic Race" on Facebook and you'll find the latest on their race and a link to sign up.

For those coming to the race we have a special offer.  $10 for any one of our best selling books.  Pick the book (or books if you order multiple) in the comments below.

1.  Strength & Speed's Guide to Elite OCR

2. The New Strength & Speed's Guide to Elite OCR

3. Ultra-OCR Bible

4. CTG Pro OCR Workouts to Go

5. Conquering The Gauntlet

6. Ultra-OCR Man

7. Ultimate OCR Bucket List

8. On Endurance

Available for pickup on race site only.  Items will not be shipped.

Which book or books do you want?

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