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TRAINING: Custom Training/Sponsorship Plan


Tell me your fitness goals and I'll help you achieve them, whether it be achieving a new personal record or getting sponsorsed by a company. 

I specialize in running focused plans (everything from 5k to ultra), obstacle course racing (everything from 5k to ultra aka World's Toughest Mudder/Spartan Ultra-Beast), bodybuilding type training, powerlifting, GoRuck training plans (light to selection) and general fitness improvement.  Over the last two years I have have helped over a dozen athletes get sponsored.  

$219.99 plan includes a four month fitness plan typed and sent to you along with a maximum one phone call every two weeks for up to an hour.  

Reduced rates are available if you are looking for other options.  For example:

Phone calls only (max one per week) providing advice for one month is $99.99.  

Just a 4 month training plan with no phone calls is $99.99.  

A one hour phone call is $39.99.

Also available is one phone call a week for one hour each for $99.99 that focuses on building your brand.  If you are already a competitive athlete that does not need training advice, but advice on how to get sponsored, than this plan is for you.    

I'm a ceritified National Strength and Conditioning Association- Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT).  NSCA is the "gold standard" in personal certification and not some online test that you can take in one afternoon. 


Personal achievements include a sub-3 hour marathon (improved from my 4:28 first marathon), 75 miles placing 13th Overall at 2014 World's Toughest Mudder, ranking as high 9th on the 2015 OCR World Championships leader board and a 1065 lbs. powerlift total at 165 lbs. bodyweight.  See founder  section for more details on personal accomplishments.

Please contact me prior to purchasing to ensure that I am a good fit to help you reach your fitness goals.  I am not in the business of taking people's money if I am not the best fit for your training goals.

Have you contacted me already confirming I can help?

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