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It's a Lifestyle Bracelet

$1.33 $2.00

"It's Not a Hobby, It's a Lifestyle" let everyone you meet know that you are serious about a lifestlye involving physical fitness improvement. 

Buy in bulk and save.  Deals include:

Buy 2, get 1 free (3 for $6)

Buy 4, get 2 free (6 for $8 )

Buy 7, get 3 free (10 bracelets for $14)

If you have heard Strength & Speed's opion on wrist bands that count calories burned you know that we think they are a waste and innaccurate.  If you need a reminder to take the stairs instead of the elevator or a reminder to workout, we recommend a piece of string around your wrist.....or this rubber bracelet.  It does the same thing and costs a fraction of the price of one of those wrist calories burned meter.

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