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BleggMit Extreme (3mm)


Shipping from USA: Designed by World's Toughest Mudder Champion Deanna Blegg and built for using your hands in tough environments, Bleggmits are neoprene mittens that allow your bare hand to be exposed quickly to conquer obstacles or for using fine movements. The gloves are made of 3 mm of neoprene which is perfect for keeping your hands warm while dry or wet, and at an OCR or on the road.

BleggMit is Deanna Blegg's personally designed mit to keep hands warm when wet or dry while racing. Bleggmit has been tested during some of the world's most extreme events and nothing quite compares for warmth, comfort and efficiency.  Great for Spartan Ultra-Beast, snow races, cold/rainy weather OCRs or anyone who spends time outside.

Strength & Speed is currently the only distributor in the USA

For sizes from wrist to fingertip:

Small: 17.5 cm and below

Medium: 17.5-20 cm

Large: 20+ cm


Warmer, wind proof outer shell and super fleecy inner liner. These new and improved Bleggmits will keep your hands warm in the coldest of conditions. We have listened to feedback from our valued customers and changed the Bleggmits accordingly.

Bleggmits now have: 

New design hand cover (for easier hand release)

Watch hole with cover (Allowing easy access to check in with race times and progress)

Drainage holes - water easily driains out after any water obstacle 

Tough Windproof outer cover (keeping your hands more snug)

Inner Fleecy lining for comfort and warmth.

Glue Welded Seams (no more stitching)

Shipping within the USA takes less than a week. Foreign shipments take longer due to travel time and customs, country dependent but it is usually two weeks.

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