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BOOK: Conquering The Gauntlet


Preparing for the Midwest's favorite Obstacle Course Racing series or just trying to conquer Stairway to Heaven at one of the championship races?  We have the training book for you. 

Conquering The Gauntlet is a training manual designed to prepare you for CTG, the most challenging series in the USA.  This book is perfect for anyone running a CTG whether they are on their first or fifteenth.  The trianing plans offered are a template allowing you to plug in your workouts as desired.  Each obstacle is talked about in depth including execises for including strength and a seperate list to work on technique.  Plus, some nutrition tips, ten CTG specific workouts and a FAQ list answering common questoins people have before their first CTG. 

This is a hard copy book.

For digital version follow this link to Amazon:

Also available in audio book from Podbean, head over to and search for "Conquering The Gauntlet"

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