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BleggMit Lytes (1mm)


When it is not cold enough for the BleggMits Extremes, BleggMit Lytes are the perfect solution.  Great for events like shorter Ultra-OCRs (12 hours or less), road/trail running in cold weather and any other cold weather OCR. 

These gloves also make great gifts for yourself or a family member that spends lots of time outdoors.  Whether that be fishing, hunting, tailgating or watching your favorite sports team. 

For those taking on major Ultra-OCRs (24 hours), we recommend picking up a set of both the 1mm Lytes and the 3mm BleggMits Extremes.  This gives you the greatest versatility, plus it allows you to switch into dry gloves at the end of each lap.  While you're running you next lap, your pit crew can dry off the gloves giving you a dry/warm pair at the start of each lap.  #staywarm

These feature a premium 1mm neoprene with a beautiful soft, 'micro fleece' lining to keep hands comfortable when wet or dry. They also incorporate drainage holes and are very light and compact making them easy to carry in your pack so you are ready for any conditions you may face.

These are a snug fit so if your sizing is borderline, go up a size.

Shipping in the USA takes less than a week.  Shipping outside the USA can take up to three weeks due to clearance of customs.  Your products are put in the mail typically within 24 hours of the time you place an order.

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