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Short Course Master (3xOCR Books)

$54.99 $59.99

If you consider yourself a short course specialist and want to take your trianing to the next level, you need to pick up this stack of books.  The package includes:

Strength & Speed's Guide to Elite OCR will prepare you for all distances, adjust your diet and give the most complete resource to training available.

Conquering The Gauntlet will help you complete races with complex technical obstacles like Conquer The Gauntlet.

Mud Run Guide's Ultimate OCR Bucket List will give you all the info you need about races in America helping you plan out your schedule.

Plus, you save money on both shipping and the cost of each book.

Would you like a signed copy by Evan Perperis? If yes, whose name should I write on the inside? Please note if you want different names on each of the books.

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