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BleggMit Combo (1 set Lytes and 1 set of Extreme)

$104.99 $114.99

Can't decide if you should get the 1mm Lytes or the 3mm Extremes?  Get both and save $10. 

They are a great option for multi-lap endurance Obstacle Course Races.  Each lap you can switch between the Lytes and Extremes ensuring you have a dry pair at the start of every lap (plus it will give your pit crew something to do while you are running). 

The Lytes tend to be more versatile and usable in a wider range of temperatures, while the Extremes are great for when it is just too damn cold out.

Shipping within the USA takes less than a week.  Foreign shipments take longer due to travel time and customs.

If you want two different sizes please (one for the Lyte and one for the Extreme) let us know.

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