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BOOK: CTG Pro OCR Workouts To Go



75+ Workouts to Take with you Anywhere to Maximize Obstacle Course Racing Performance

Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team OCR Workouts to Go provides 75+ workouts that you can plug into your schedule to maximize your Obstacle Course Racing performance regardless of where you are. Each chapter has 5-10 workouts that are broken down by either topic or by availability of equipment. Whether you are stuck in a hotel gym, only have access to a treadmill, working out on a track, have minimal equipment or a full ninja gym at your disposal, this book will give you a great list of workout options.


Whether you are training for the 4+ mile Conquer The Gauntlet, the 10 mile Tough Mudder, your Spartan Trifecta, Savage Race, Indian Mud Run or planning an Ultra-OCR (multi-lap endurance OCRs that range from 5-24 hours in length), you will find a workout in here that can help you crush your goals.


Chapters include:

  VO2max Workouts

  Lactate Threshold Workouts

  Staircase Workouts

  Sandbag Workouts

  Hotel Gym Workouts

  Playground Workouts

  Gym Workouts

  Functional Fitness Gym Workouts

  Unique Locations (Ninja, Climbing, Obstacles)


Plus, the book has some tips at the start of each chapter as well as rosters of the CTG Pro Team from 2016-2020. Read the book, check out the team's website and I hope to see you at an Obstacle Course Race soon.

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