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OCRmill 21000 Virtual Event & Buckle


On March 7, 2021 Strength & Speed owner Evan Perperis did a six hour treadmill OCR at 21,000 feet elevation for charity.  The event consisted of running 1 mile on a treadmill and then doing four obstacles, repeating for six hours.  The twist was Evan was attached to a hypoxic generator that simulated running at 21,000 (that's higher than Everest base camp).  After 23 miles and six hours, Evan's event came to a successful end. 

Part of the event was a virtual event.  Athletes donated $50 and ran their own OCRmill.  1 mile (treadmill or outdoors) followed by four obstacles.  The goal was to get some good training in. 

While the competitive portion is over, you can still participate and compare yourself to the other athletes that competed during the event.  Pay below, send in your results to and we will mail you one of these epic belt buckles!

What day did you run the virtual event and what was your final mileage?

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