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Strength & Speed's Guide to Elite OCR

"Strength & Speed's Guide to Elite Obstacle Course Racing" published through Breakaway Books hits shelves in Summer 2016.  

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Mud Run Guide's Ultra-OCR Bible

"Mud Run Guide's Ultra-OCR Bible" is the only book available that is 100% focused on endurance based obstacle course racing. 

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Conquering The Gauntlet

Conquering The Gauntlet published in Fall 2018 as a training manual for athletes getting ready to take on the Midwest Obstacle Course Racing series Conquer The Gauntlet. 

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Mud Run Guide's Ultimate OCR Bucket List

A comprehensive list of races that you need to do.  Evan Perperis and more than a dozen Mud Run Guide crew/contributors provide first hand accounts of the races that make our sport great.  With over 100+ race variants and 130+ pictures, you are going to want a copy of this book whether you are new to the sport or looking to expand your horizons.

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Ultra-OCR Man: From Special Forces Soldier to Record Setting Professional Obstacle Course Racer

The first narrative book by an athlete in the OCR world, Evan Perperis tell his journey from an un-athletic kid growing up to join the US Army's Special Forces.  The book includes war stories from Iraq and how he uses his 44 cumulative months of combat experience to excel in Ultra-OCR. 

If you like OCR, endurance sports, pushing the limits of human performance, war stories or just enjoy a good read pick up a copy today.  100% of hard copy book sales profits go to the charity Folds of Honor.

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Conquer The Gauntlet Pro OCR Workouts to Go

75+ Workouts to Take With You Anywhere to Maximize Obstacle Course Racing Performance

The book has a couple of brief intro sections but is basically a list of workouts that allow you to train for OCR regardless of you environment. Chapters are broken down by a mix of goals and what you have access to you providing you with a quick list of workouts.  Chapters include: 

VO2max Workouts
Lactate Threshold Workouts
Staircase Workouts
Sandbag Workouts
Hotel Gym Workouts
Playground Workouts
Gym Workouts
Functional Fitness Gym Workouts
Unique Locations (Ninja, Climbing, Obstacles)

Available in hard copy and digital exclusively from Amazon

Print Magazines

Article: METCON Magazine Issue #1

Contains an article about Amelia Boone, Spartan Race's Joe De Sena and my article, "Common OCR Training Mistakes".  

You can order a print copy here

Article: Endurance News Vol. 96

Three page article published in Endurance News Volume 96 to accompany athlete feature on recent Obstacle Course Racing accomplishments.  

Article title: Obstacle Advantage

Sent out in print to customers and available digitally here

Article: MILO June 2016 Issue

June 2016 issue of strength training magazine MILO.  

Article title: Enhancing OCR Training

Article: MILO June 2017 Issue

June 2017 article of Ironmind's strength magazine MILO.

Article title: Sandbag Training for OCR

Article: MILO September 2017 Issue

September 2017 article in Ironmind's strength magazine MILO.

Article title: Obstacle Course Racing:  Training Grip Shortfalls

Article: MILO December 2017 Issue

December 2017 article in Ironmind's strength magazine MILO

Article title: Mental Training for All Athletes 

Article: Endurance News Vol. 108

Two page article published under the Inspirational Athlete column about training and succeeding at endurance challenges.

Article title: Hammering Through It

Sent out in print to customers and available digitally here.

Article: MILO March 2018 Issue

March 2018 artilce in Ironmind's strength magazine MILO.

Aticle title: Life or Death Grip Strength


Digital publications are updated on a monthly basis.  Primarily most articles are published through Strength & Speed's internal article page or Mud Run Guide.  Occasionally articles are written for companies of sponsors or affiliates. 

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Mud Run Guide


View all articles written by Evan for Mud Run Guide. 

Strength & Speed

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Adventurey: OCR World Championships

As of 2019, Evan writes for Adventurey series of events which include North American OCR Championships, OCR World Championships and 24 hour OCR Enduro World Championships. 



VJ Shoes USA

Article for VJ Shoes USA:

Six Tips to Prepare for an Ultra


Complete Human Performance

The leader's in hybrid training Complete Human Nutrition (CHP) started publishing some of Evan's articles in early 2017.  

Frequent OCR Training Mistakes

Three Pillars of OCR Training


Article written about training for Warrior Dash for LifeFuels.

Obstacle Racing Media

Several race reviews were written for ORM.  

0600 Challenge

Article written for training group, 0600 Challenge about how it is never the "right" time: