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OCR America 2: Day 2: Otherworld Fitness

OCR AMERICA 2: DAY 2: January 20, 2020

Otherworld Fitness in Frederick, MD

8445 Spires Way Suite Q
Frederick, MD 21701

Date: January, 20, 2020
Event Start Time:   630 AM
Event End Time:  500 PM

Otherworld Fitness (formerly Otherworld OCR) is Evan's personal favorite OCR gym in the USA.  The gym in Frederick, MD has everything you need to get quality training for racing with more than a dozen man-made obstacles, cardio equipment, weight area and open calisthenics space, this gym has everything you need for training. 

Evan will be running 1 mile outdoors and coming back inside to complete four obstacles, repeated for the length of the event at Otherworld Fitness.

If I'm a gym member do I have to pay?

      If you want a t-shirt and a belt buckle, yes.  If you are just coming to show support for the event, pace Evan, train or hang out, then no. 
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