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OCR America 2: Day 7: Training Day

OCR AMERICA 2: DAY 7: January 25, 2020

Training Day with PT William Shell

Cape Girardeau, MO

Date: January, 25, 2020
Event Start Time:   0800 AM
Event End Time:  500 PM

Strength & Speed athlete and physical therapist William Shell has a private training facility in Cape Girardeau, MO.  This is a private facility and requires a pass code for registration.  If you are interested in coming to Day 7, contact Evan via Facebook or email. 

Obstacles lined up for the event include:
12' rope climb
70lb hoist
Twister (1 section so have to go back and forth)
Spear throw
1 section of dragons back (can also be used as an Irish table/wall and a short ramp wall)
50lb wreck bad
113 lb Atlas carry
Bucket carry
Farmers carry
Slack line

Don't miss the Stoke Shed recap video below

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