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Infinite Hero Honor Challenge (2021-Present)

Infinite Hero Honor Challenge is a 10 hour team building event run at select Tough Mudder venues since 2021.  Participants are broken into 22 man platoons and required to navigate from point to point cutting across the Tough Mudder course.  Once they arrive at an obstacle they are required to complete it as a team in a more challenging manner (i.e. blindfolded, tied together, backwards, etc.).  

As a group, the Infinite Hero series of events raised over $24,000+ for charity.

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Every year the event changes providing a different storyline, different challenge and unique experiences.

2021:  Downed Satellite Recovery:  A US satellite has crashed in unfriendly territory.  Will the platoons be able to recovery the satellite, resupply friendly forces in the area, avoid capture and ultimately make it to the extraction point safely in the first iteration of Infinite Hero Honor Challenge?

2022: VX Recon:  There are reports of the chemical weapon VX being stored in unfriendly territory.  Can the platoons identify the VX and safely extract the volatile substance from the hostile territory?


2021 Platoons

Indiana- Beta Test: Revenge of the Ultra Spicy

21-01: Tri-State

21-02: Dallas

2022 Platoons

22-01: College Station

Alpha: K2 Killers



Additional Advisors

Christina "HB" Armstrong

Death Race Finisher

2x BFX Champion

Former OCR Pro

100 mile Finisher

Ronald Tortola

2x Death Race Finisher

2x Team Assessment Finisher

2x Pre-Selection

50 mile Star Course

Spartan Delta

Spartan Storm Delta

Master of Endurance Delta

Sparta Agoge #005

22-02: Los Angeles 

Alpha: Infinite Zero



Additional Advisors

Brandon Wollrich 

Tough Mudder Ambassador

Toughest Mudder Competitor 

4x SISU Iron Competitor 

Ted Ibarra

Death Race Finisher

Death Race Unofficial Finisher

GoRuck Triple Heavy Finisher

100 Miler Finisher

22-03: Atlanta: The Castaways


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