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International Races

Looking to take a race-cation?  Check out some of these destination races that take you to some great OCRs that are off the beaten path.  

Race directors interested in having Strength & Speed attend their event contact for full list of benefits including pre-race podcast, post-race podcast, live social media coverage at the event (pre/during/post) and backside support.  Brenna Calvert and Evan Perperis are familiar with all aspects of OCR including build, media and racing.


Come to beautiful Lebanon and race their only OCR series.  Stay an extra day and experience skiing in the morning in the mountains followed by an afternoon at the beach.  

2016 Mud Run Guide's Coverage of Hannibal Race Awkar

2017 Strength & Speed's Attendance of Hannibal Race

Pre-Race Interview:

Post-Race Discussion:

If planning a trip to the Hannibal Race, reach out to Strength & Speed (email: for the latest discounts. 

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South Africa has some great athletes and race series such as the Jeep Warrior Race.  If planning a trip to South Africa, reach out to Strength & Speed (email: and we will hook you up with discounts along with the right people to maximize your OCR experience.