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Strength & Speed Podcast Episodes with a Martial Arts Focus

Strength & Speed has had several fighting, self defense and sport combat athletes on our podcast over the last couple of years.  Listen to their stories and lessons learned down below.

Multi-discipline Martial Arts

Knife Fighting


MMA & Film Fighting


Cage Fighting

Mixed Martial Arts


Tiga Tactics: Guest Columnist 

A couple of articles on Tiga Tactics focused on their unique brand of online training:

Get Functional ASAP

Think Like a Bad Guy, Act Like a Good Guy

Articles Related to Martial Arts on Strength & Speed

Online Training

Whether you don't have the time or available training facility to help you train martial arts, we have a solution for you.  The experts at Tiga Tactics have come up with a full suite of online programs.  These can be purchased once, learned by yourself or with a training partner and reviewed as many times as you want (unlike attending a seminar).  Courses are broken into sections and you go through them at your own pace.  These were developed by two cousins, Dr. Conrad Bui and Patrick Vuong who have more than 60 years of martial arts experience and a cumulative 12 black belt equivalents.  It's a no nonsense approach to self defense that distills just what you need to know (or what you may need to teach a loved one) to be effective when the situation requires. 

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