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Videos featuring Evan Perperis from brands like Stoke Shed, Overcome and Run, OCR Talk and Strength & Speed's own Jake Diehl.

Stoke Shed (2020) coverage of the 8 day long, 200 mile, 1000+ obstacle charity event 
OCR America 2: When Hell Freezes Over

Watch each video in full screen for the best experience

Stoke Shed (2019-Present)

Tulsa based multimedia company Stoke Shed shot this short video on focus during the five hour Conquer The Gauntlet Continuum- Oklahoma City 2019. (1 minute)
18 minute interview with Stoke Shed's Bobby Ross as he attempts to run his first marathon ever without training to raise money for charity.
12 minute mini-documentary of Stoke Shed co-owner Bobby Ross running his first marathon with some advice from Evan.

OCR Talk (2018)

OCR Talk's Jason Dupree filmed and produced this short film during Evan's 48 hour charity OCR, Endure The Gauntlet. (8 minutes)

Strength & Speed's Jake Diehl (2018)

Strength & Speed's Jake Diehl produced this Endure The Gauntlet recap video after the 48 hour event. (17 minutes)

Overcome and Run (2016)

Overcome and Run podcast audio overlaid with video and pictures taken by Strength & Speed during the seven day OCR America event to raise money for Folds of Honor. (1 hour 37 minutes)

OCR Warrior:  YouTube Show (2015)

Kansas City Preview Episode

Kansas City Qualifier Episode

Kansas City Knockout Episode

Evan Dollard vs. Evan Perperis


Televised Races

Spartan Super Race: Palmerton, PA

Aired on NBC Sports September 18, 2015

Hannibal Race:  Le Plateau De Bakish, Lebanon (19 miles from Syrian border)

Aired on Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International December 13, 2015

Mostly in Arabic, skip to 1:08:18 for interview in English.  Also shown, in several wide shots of the race action (27:00 min and 53:15).

2016 World's Toughest Mudder Race and Post-Show
Aired on CBS and CBS Sports on December 25, 2016 

Conquer The Gauntlet: Wichita
Aired on Wichita local news, KWCH, segment "Where's Shane?" July 14, 2017
Three segments aired highlighted Evan and CTG Pro Team completing obstacles

2017 Toughest Mudder Series

Northeast (Philadelphia)- Aired August 19, 2017 on CBS

Midwest (Chicago)- Aired October 28, 2017 on CBS

Hannibal Race:  Le Plateau De Bakish, Lebanon 

Aired on Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International July 23, 2017

Video Link

18:30-19:45- Race start (Evan running near the front)
39:55-40:10- Evan going through the low crawl on the top of the hill
1:03:20-1:05:20 - Evan on the rope climb, the final gauntlet of obstacles (Battle of Cannae) and co-owner Carine Lahoud reads part of Evan's bio ("24 hour" and "Las Vegas" can be heard in English)
1:06:20-1:06:40- Brief interview after the finish


 Endurance News Vol. 96

Three page athlete feature.
Print copies mailed out and available when you request a copy when ordering from Hammer Nutrition.  Digital  download also available online

Flyer Advertisment for Hammer Nutrition's Athlete Education Series

Print flyers mailed out to customers and digital copy available online.

Hammer Nutrition 2016 Product Catalog

Squatting photo featured in page for Hammer Whey and rope climbing photo featured in atypical Hammer athlete section.  Hard copies mailed to customers and digital version available online.  

Endurance News Vol. 101 

Featured photo available in print and digital

Endurance News Vol. 102

Available in print and digital.

Endurance News Vol. 103

Available in print and digital.

Hammer Nutrition 2017 Product Catalog

Available in print or digital.

Endurance News Vol. 106

Available in print or digital.

Endurance New Vol. 107

Available in print or digital

2018 Winter and Spring Catalog

Available in print and digital.

Endurance News Vol 108

Two page athlete feature in the "Inspirational Athlete" monthly column talking about training, racing and succeeding at endurance challenges.
Available in print and digital.

Endurance News Vol. 109

Available in print or digital.

Endurance News Vol. 112

Available in print or digital.

Endurance News Vol. 114

Available in print or digital.

Endurance News Vol. 116

Available in print or digital.

Endurance News Vol. 117

Available in print or digital.

Endurance News Vol. 122

Available in hard copy or digital.

Hammer Nutrition Product Usage Manual

Available in hard copy or digital.

Hammer Nutrition Flyer given out at events sponsored by Hammer Nutrition (below one is from KC Timber Challenge Yeti 2021)

2021 Hammer Nutrition Product Catalog

Available in hard copy or digital.

I-29 Magazine

Local magazine for northwestern Kansas City area that highlights people, businesses and more.

I-29 North Magazine: September 2019: Professional Endurance Athlete of Platte City

Available in print and digital.

I-29 North Magazine: November 2019
Cover image and two page spread, The Perperis Family: Make the Most of Your Time Together.
Available in print and digital.

Article in the Warren County Record for 1st Place win at Summer Splash 2015

Print copies sold in stores and digital copy available online

METCON Magazine Issue #1

Several photos in page two of a three page article highlighting common training mistakes and their solutions. 

Print version available here.
Digital version available here.  

Interview for RockTape

Interivew with Evan Perperis for RockTape about how they support his training and ultra-distance racing:

Folds of Honor Article for 48 hours of Endure The Gauntlet

Interview for Yolked

Squirrel's Nut Butter: Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team Interview

Interview with the CTG Pro Team by Squirrel's Nut Butter featuring answers from athletes on the team including Evan.


Interviews conducted as the subject of OCR focused media outlets and beyond. 

Obstacle Running Adventures Podcast

Hosts Mike Stefano and Katelyn Ritter interview Evan and other athletes before as well as after the 2018 World's Toughest Mudder where Evan finished 1st place Team (Team Atomik).

97. World's Toughest Mudder! (Part 1: Community Dinner and Event)

98. World's Toughest Mudder! (Part 2: Champion's Brunch and Bar Crawl), and Taunton YMCA Turkey Trot!

Obstacle Running Adventures interview Elites at the 12 hour Toughest Mudder East where Evan finished 3rd overall with 55 miles:

124. Toughest Mudder East with Elites!

Post WTM 2019 interview at brunch.  Evan's audio is about 1 hr 50 minutes into the program.

Prior to running OCR America 2, Evan sat down with Mike Stefano to talk about the challenges that lay ahead.

Prior to running OCRmill 21000 feet, Mike Stefano asked Evan about the virutal event along with safety concerns for running at altitude.

What It's Like... with Luce

A podcast highlighting ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  Hosted by Lucy Norris, listen along as she picks the brains of our generation's trendsetters and tastemakers to discover the true meaning of success. These are the stories of those who felt the fear and did it anyway!

Overcome and Run

Overcome and Run podcast Episode #2. Subscribe via podcast app or direct link to the interview is here.  

Day by day coverage of OCR America with daily 10-15 event recap interviews:

Day 1: Tough Mudder New England

Day 2: Shale Hill

Day 3: Viking Obstacle Race

Day 4: Newbsanity Mud Gauntlet

Day 5: Newbsanity Extreme Ravine

Day 6: Dirt Runner

Day 7: Conquer The Gauntlet Oklahoma City

Obstacle Racing Media Podcast

Obstacle Racing Media's pre-race coverage of 2016 World's Toughest Mudder.

2016 WTM- Pre-race coverage

2017 WTM Post-race coverage

The Obstacle Order Podcast

The Obstacle Order podcast did an episode covering Evan's exploits called "OCR Renaissance Man" covering a variety of topics including nutrition, ultra-OCR, WTM, OCR America, Conquer The Gauntlet, off-season training and much more. 

Episode 95: OCR Renaissance Man

Episode 104: Evan Perperis, Training for the Long Haul

Link Endurance Podcast

Miles Keller interviews Evan Perperis on topics including his Ultra-OCR Grand Slam, OCRWC's 24 hour event announcement and answers listener questions related to bodybuilding.

Episode 116: CTG Pro Member Evan Perperis Talks OCR Ultra Training & Racing 

Post Endure The Gauntlet event talking with Morris Brossette and Miles Keller about the 48 hour charity event.

48 Hours of Endure The Gauntlet Recap


World's Toughest Podcast

SOFLETE: Die Living Podcast

SOFLETE (a website that sells training plans, apparel and supplements designed by and for Special Operatoins Forces type athletes), interviews Evan to talk about OCR as a sport and his 48 hour charity event Endure The Gauntlet.

Various Digital Marketing Material

Below is a sampling of digital and video marketing material with Evan Perperis pictured or on video.


0:17 shows Evan on the King of Swingers obstacle.

2:22 shows Evan and S&S Ultra running towards the line.

2:05 shows Evan and his team, CTG Prime, finishing 2nd in Pro Coed of 2018 North American Obstacle Course Racing Championship.

ORM's coverage of Conquer The Gauntlet Atlanta where Evan finished 2nd.'s coverage of Conquer The Gauntlet Little Rock where Evan finished 3rd.
The Mud Movement's coverage of USOCRC.
Advertisement for Hannibal Race India featuring two of Evan's pictures.



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