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"If you want something you never had, you have to be willing to do something you have never done."

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For many people signing up for races that exist is enough of a challenge for them.  However, some of our athletes seem to be of a different breed.  Here are some of our athletes that have gone outside the box and created their own challenges pushing their bodies to the limits and beyond.

Gary Shaw

Gary Shaw has done several challenges that defy both physical ability and sometimes common sense.  Here are some of his major highlights:

July 2018: Half Marathon Every Day for a Month:   Gary set off to run a half marathon a day, every day for a month.  He achieved this goal running a total of 406 miles over the course of the month.

April 2020: #RunTheDate Challenge:  In April 2019, Gary, along with his girlfriend accomplished ultra-runner Nicole Fleming did the #RunTheDate challenge.  Every day they ran the number of miles equal to the date resulting in 465 mile month.  On the 31st day, Gary "celebrated" with a 42 mile run resulting in a 507 mile total of 31 days.

May 16, 2020: 24 Cubed (DON'T TRY THIS) Gary is known for his beer drinking and ultra-running.  On May 16th he set out to complete the 24 cubed (24 miles and 24 beers in less than 24 hours).  The previous known record was 14 hours...Gary finished in 9 hours and 28 minutes without vomiting or going to the hospital.

Learn more about Gary and his advice on endurance sports in the book "On Endurance"

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Jordan Smith

September 2015: Run Across Michigan:  Jordan Smith decided to take a 195 mile run across the state of Michigan.  Him along with elite Toughest Mudder athlete Nicholas Allmond set out and four days later reached their destination covering the total distance in 84 hours.

2016: Cycling to the Start of Multi-Lap Tough Mudder:  Twice Jordan has cycled to the start of a Tough Mudder weekend then ran multiple lapsIn June he biked 28 miles, ran 3 laps (33 miles) of Tough Mudder Saturday then another on Sunday.  Then in September he cycled 78 miles to an event, ran 2 laps Saturday and another on Sunday.

Dec 2017-Feb 2018: FKT Te Araroa Atttempt:  Attempted to set the self supported Fastest Known Time (FKT) of the Te Araroa in New Zealand.  He ended up missing the FKT but did manage to cover 2500km in 62 days through a wide variety of grueling terrain. 

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Evan "Ultra-OCR Man" Perperis

Strength & Speed Evan Perperis is known for his record setting Ultra-OCR challenges including:

2016's OCR America: 161 miles, 7 days, 7 venues

2017's Ultra-OCR Grand Slam: Podium finish at all four 24 hour OCRs in the USA.

2018's 48 hour Endure The Gauntlet:  48 hour multi-lap of Conquer The Gauntlet Tulsa

2019's OCRmill: 24 hour treadmill/obstacle course run at Conquer Fitness in Tulsa, OK

2020's OCR America 2: When Hell Freezes Over: 8 day, 8 venue, 200 mile event

2021's OCRmill 21,000 ft:  Highest Ultra-OCR ever, a 6 hour treadmill OCR at 21,000 feet altitude.

2022's OCR Everest:  First ever everesting (climbing 29,029 feet) while also doing obstacles.

Read about Evan's Ultra-OCR events and background in his biography "Ultra-OCR Man: From Special Forces Soldier to Record Setting Pro Obstacle Course Racer"

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