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OCR America 2: When Hell Freezes Over

Welcome to OCR America 2: When Hell Freezes Over!

In 2016, Strength & Speed owner Evan "Utlra-OCR Man" Perperis, did a 7 day, 7 venue event where he ran 23 miles of OCR every day at different venues across the USA called OCR America.  The event was mentally and physically exhausting but it did raise several thousand dollars for the charity "Folds of Honor".  When asked if he would ever do it again the typical responses were things like:

"Hell no!"

"This is definitely a one time thing"

"When hell freezes over."

Well it's January 2020 and it is pretty cold outside.  Looks like it might be cold enough in hell for a redo.  

OCR America 2: When Hell Freezes Over from Jan 19-26, 2020.  Sign up today, share some pacing duties or just donate to a good cause.

The goal of OCR America 2 is threefold:

     1. Raise money for children of US Military veterans that were killed or wounded in combat overseas through the charity Folds of Honor.

     2. Raise the publicity and awareness for Obstacle Course Racing.

     3. A personal challenge.

 How did this work?

     Evan will run all laps of all eight days, hopefully averaging around 26.2 miles each day on a mix of permanent OCR facilities, live events and OCR/ninja gyms between Long Island, NY and Kansas City, Missouri.  Participants can sign up to run with Evan pacing him for as much as they want.  All participants will stay with Evan for the outdoor venues at his pace for safety/insurance reasons.  The group will move at a conversational pace staying together completing obstacles according to their ability levels. 

Do I get access to every event if I sign up for one day?

    Kind of and venue dependent.  You need to pay at least once in order to get a t-shirt and a buckle.  As long as the other venues aren't charging additional money for use of their facility you can come along for several days.  For example, if you run one day at Newbsanity and can also come the following day to participate but you don't get a second buckle or shirt.  As a general rule, if its a gym, official training ground or live event you'll have to pay.  However, shoot Evan a message to be sure and he'll let you know before double paying.

What do I get for my registration?


     For your registration you get a OCR America belt buckle/medal and a event shirt.  The belt buckle and shirts are limited to the first 45 registrations total.  This is the first 45 people to sign up, not necessarily the first 45 people to pace Evan.  You can still sign up to pace Evan or run each event but shirts and buckles are not guaranteed.


How much of my registration goes to charity?


     100%  ALL of your registration goes to charity.  The buckles, shirts and support for the event will be fund-raised separately. 

How fast will Evan be running?

     Evan will be doing a mix of walking and running.  If you have ever completed an OCR and can maintain a slow jog, you should have no problem keeping up.  For the events taking place in a gym, you are welcome to jump in/jump out as you feel comfortable.  Bottom line, the pace will be conversational so athletes can share stories, discuss training techniques, race tactics, nutrition and any other topic you want to talk about.  It can be almost like a jogging/climbing/crawling personal training session if want to talk about all fitness related topics the whole time.


Is this a race?

    No, this is not a race.  It is a training event and fundraiser designed to support Folds of Honor.  However, venue and personnel dependent, there may be on course competitions or challenges with prizes available.  Want to know more?  You'll have to show up on event day to find out.

Can I run more than one lap?

    Yes, you are welcome to run as many laps/miles with Evan as you desire.  

Why are you doing this?

     There are three main goals for OCR America 2.  The first is to raise money for children of soldiers killed or wounded in action.  This will be done through race registrations and donations that will go to the non-profit organization Folds of Honor.  Although there are many good charities out there, Folds of Honor puts the money directly into scholarships for the children of fallen soldiers, which I think has greater positive effect than other charities.

     The second reason is to raise awareness of OCR across America.  While many people have heard of the major race brands, not many people know about smaller venues and permanent obstacle course sites.  I hope to bring added publicity to the events participating in this fundraiser as a thank you for letting us use their facilities at low or no cost. 

      The final reason is a personal challenge.  I have done many endurance events in the past including finishing 13th at World's Toughest Mudder, 2nd at 24 hours of Shale Hell, two marathons in two days, various ultra marathons (up to 100 miles in length) and a couple of adventure races.  Although I have been hurting badly in some of these events, I could always physically move forward.  To test my physical and mental ability while raising money for a good cause and my favorite sport, I have created an event to push myself to the extreme. 


Where and when is each day of the event?

     Find details and register on the links below to sign up for each specific day:

     Day 1: Sunday, January, 19, 2020: Obstacle Athletics gym in Deer Park, Long Island, NY


     Day 2: Monday, January, 20, 2020: Otherworld Fitness gym in Frederick, MD

     Day 3: Tuesday, January 21, 2020: Newbsanity Extreme Ravine in Binghamton, NY

     Day 4: Wednesday, January 22, 2020: Newbsanity Mud Gauntlet in Binghamton, NY

     Day 5: Thursday, January 23, 2020: Eerie OCR Battlegrounds in Eerie, PA

     Day 6: Friday, January 24, 2020: Movement Lab Ohio in Columbus, OH

     Day 7: Saturday, January 25, 2020: Training Day with PT Williams Shell south of St. Louis, MO


     Day 8: Sunday, January 26, 2020: KC Timber Challenge Yeti (this is a live event, you must register for their event here to pace/run.  If you want an OCR America shirt and buckle, you need to also register for here.)

What if I cannot run on any of those days, can I still help?


     Yes, you can still help by donating money and showing your support online.  Use the #OCRAmerica and #FoldsOfHonor to raise awareness for the event.  Also, feel free to share this link to your social media pages.   

     If you would like to donate to support the cause you can donate to Folds of Honor through my donation page here.

     If you would like to help me offset the cost of the event by providing money for things like gas and hotels, you can also do that here. 

If I am not running, how can I still follow the event online?

     The event will be covered at several different locations online.  Evan's personal Facebook page here and Strength & Speed Facebook page will be doing live updates. 

Listen to the audio-book of Evan's other Ultra-OCR charity events and get inspired!


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