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OCR Everest 2022


The 7th and Final Ultra-OCR Fundraiser

OCR Everest raised over $3,500+ for Infinite Hero Foundation

Strength & Speed owner and pro OCR athlete Evan "Ultra-OCR Man" Perperis is doing one more fundraiser linked to Ultra distance Obstacle Course Racing.  Over the last six years with your help we've raised more than $26,000+ for veterans and their kids.  

In 2022, we are raising money for Infinite Hero Honor Foundation, Tough Mudder's charity partner.  On the weekend of June 4-5, 2022, Evan will run the Tough Mudder course and additional elevation to total the height of Everest, 29,029 feet of ascent.  

Join him on the course of Tough Mudder New England at Stratton, Vermont to pace him, donate or watch.

The goal of OCR Everest is threefold:

     1. Raise for the charity Infinite Hero Honor Foundation, which provides physical and mental support to veterans.

               DONATE HERE

     2. Raise the publicity and awareness for Obstacle Course Racing.

     3. A personal challenge.

Evan's Challenge

How are you going to reach the height of Everest?

     Evan will multi-lap the normal Tough Mudder venue during normal business hours at Tough Mudder New England on June 4 and 5th.  Overnight, he will likely be ascending/descending a smaller portion of the mountain and doing obstacles that have been cleared by the staff to keep things safer.

Where and when is the event?

     The event is taking place in Stratton, Vermont at the Tough Mudder New England event.  The event will start at the normal start time of 745 and end sometime on June 5th.

Can I come and watch?


     Yes!  Tough Mudder sells spectator passes.  This is a normal Tough Mudder event so to access the festival area you will have to buy a spectator pass from Tough Mudder.  To pace Evan during normal TM venue hours, you will need to sign up for Tough Mudder New England.

New England Mud Run | Tough Mudder New England 2022 | JUNE 4 & 5, 2022


How long is this going to take and will he be using the 5k, 10k or 15k?


     It will take over 24 hours, so he'll be on the course both Saturday and Sunday.  Evan will use a mix of all three during normal Tough Mudder hours.  So if you would like to pace him you can sign up for any of them and we will adjust the route based on pacers.   

Will I be able to keep up if I decide to pace him?

     As long as you are capable of walking uphill you'll be capable of pacing.  Due to the extreme ascent of the event, Evan will be walking most of the time as he moves towards the top of "Everest".

How can I help?


     1. Share the donation link to your social media pages:
     2.  Ask family and friends to donate.  Asking directly to people you will get a better response.
Remember every dollar helps, so even a small donation is great!  We can't get to $5000+ for this event without your help!
      3. Come in person to Tough Mudder New England to be a pacer or donate in person at the event.  Sign up for Tough Mudder New England here:  New England Mud Run | Tough Mudder New England 2022 | JUNE 4 & 5, 2022 
     4. Sign up to run the virtual event the same weekend.  (more details coming soon)

Listen to the audio-book of Evan's other Ultra-OCR charity events and get inspired!


Pre-Event Coverage on Strength & Speed

Evan jumps back into an episode sharing why he's been absent he talks Tough Mudder's Infinite Hero Honor Challenge, how the Navy SEAL o course compares to Special Forces/Ranger/Air Assault, updates from Hannibal Race, his new book On Endurance details, his opinions on GoRuck Games, Mythic Race shout out and more. 

Plus, a announcement for 2022's charity event OCR Everest taking place at Tough Mudder New England June 4-5, 2022.  Come out and pace, donate to the cause or join the virtual event. 

Details here:

Pick up a copy of On Endurance here:

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Post-Event Coverage on Strength & Speed

After 30+ hours of being awake and pacing Evan up the mountain for OCR Everest challenge at Tough Mudder New England, the crew sits down to talk.  Episode includes filmmaker Bobby Ross, Evan's dad Terry and pacer Daniel Leonard.  The crew talks challenges, unforeseen problems, inside jokes, TMHQ and all things from this year's charity event which had Evan climbing the height of Everest 29,029+ feet while at Stratton Vermont to raise money for Infinite Hero Foundation (mental and physical support for veterans).

Donate here:

Or donate here:

Learn more about Infinite Hero here:

Learn more about Ultra-OCR Man:

Learn more about Bobby Ross:

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Post-Coverage on Obstacle Running Adventures

Starting with OCR America back in 2016, Evan Perperis has been putting his body through insane ultra OCR challenges every year in order to fundraise, and see what he is capable of!

This year it was OCR Everest where he ascended the elevation of Mount Everest (29,029 feet) while taking on Tough Mudder obstacles at their New England event in Stratton, VT!

We had him on the call to discuss how the event went, how people can continue to help with the fundraiser, more information about his new book, and much more!

Be sure to donate, check out his books, and also keep an eye on what he is doing with the Battle of the Lions Pro Team!

0:00 - 3:11 - Intro

3:11 - 11:31 - Quick News

11:31 - 13:00 - Content Preface

13:00 - 51:25 - Evan Perperis Interview

51:25 - End - Outro


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The OCR Report

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Earn your belt buckle!!!
First 40 athletes to sign up by donating $50 or more to our fundraiser then completing a designated challenge will get a belt buckle mailed to them. 

2022's Challenge: Run 1/10th the height of Everest 2,902.9 feet and do 4x obstacles after every 500 feet of elevation gain.  So you'll be doing a total of 7x4 = 28 obstacles and 2,902.9 ft of elevation gain.
 Obstacles are your choice.  This event is loosely competitive. 

Top three distances in each gender will also get an award buckle (gold, bronze or silver) as a victory trophy.

Virtual Event (Your Challenge)

How can I help?

     1. Share the donation link to your social media pages: Facebook Fundraiser link:
     2.  Ask family and friends to donate.  Asking directly to people you will get a better response.
Remember every dollar helps, so even a small donation is great!  We can't get to $5000 for this event without your help!

What about the race?

    Part of this event includes a virtual portion.  The virtual competition can be done anytime between June 22nd and July 23rd.  

Here is how to participate:

1. Donate $50 to the official event fundraiser: DONATE HERE or THROUGH FACEBOOK FUNDRAISER

2. Do a virtual version on your own.  

      Start the event off by doing doing 4x Obstacles     

      Repeat x6 (Run 500 ft. of elevation gain (can be on a treadmill, section of road/trail).  The elevation gain is what is important, not the actual mileage you cover. Do 4x obstacles.)

      Cumulative total is 28 obstacles and 2,,902.9 feet of elevation gain.  You must do the obstacles every 500 feet.  You can't run all the elevation then do all the obstacles or vice-versa.

3.  Post on social media and tag Strength & Speed (Facebook @Strength & Speed or Instagram @StrengthSpeed) when you start your event.   Tag Strength & Speed at the conclusion (this helps get the word out about the fundraiser).  

4.  Email your results to (include your time and a picture).

What constitutes an obstacle?

     The idea is to get some elevation and obstacle training in for this year's race season.  Therefore make the obstacle whatever you want.  If you have access to a gym for this great, if you have some homemade obstacles in your garage, also great.  If you only have your body, we recommend picking up a set of Playout The OCR Game deck of cards, which provide body weight "obstacles" that simulate OCR movements.  If you really want to prove your the best OCR athlete, make the obstacles challenging like pegboards and rigs.  We recommend one upper body obstacle (rig, pegboard, monkey bars etc.), one balance obstacle (slackline, quad steps, balance beam etc.), one strength obstacle (bucket carry, log carry, sandbag carry etc.) and one other obstacle (your choice but something standard like crawl, wall, traverse wall, etc.) 500 ft. of elevation.

When do I get my buckle?

     After the conclusion of the virtual event at the end of July, we will send out the buckles. 

Are there prizes?

      Yes!!! We have some great sponsor donated prizes.  1st and 2nd place in each gender will get a $100 gift card to ORORO Heated Apparel.  All participants will get a $5 gift card to MudGear in addition to a sample of Squirrel's Nut Butter.  Finally, we will randomly select one person to get a free pair of OOFOS.  Look for the drawing in late July for those that participated in the virtual event.

4 inch by 2.8 inch Belt Buckle

Example buckles from the last event so you can see the quality of them.

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