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OCR Results

Evan "Ultra-OCR Man" Perperis

Athlete, Author, Trainer

Ultra-OCR Man


Strength & Speed founder is a multi-sport athlete who has been focusing on Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) since late 2014. 

His major OCR highlights include:

-World Champion Team (Team Atomik) at 2018 World's Toughest Mudder (WTM)

-2nd Place Team (Team Merrell) at 2017 WTM

-2nd Place Pro Coed Team (CTG Prime) at 2018 North American OCR Championships

-4x top ten finishes at WTM in individual competition, each with 90 miles (8th 2016, 6th 2019, 7th 2021, 10th 2022) (each one was an world championship level Age Group podium)

-Ranked 9th in the world in 2015 on the OCR World Championships points leader board

-2021 Holy Grail Champion (Tough Mudder Points Series)

-80+ career OCR overall podium finishes and counting

-American Ninja Warrior Competitor: Season 13, 14 & 15

He has raised more than $26,000 for the charity Folds of Honor through annual self created charity event challenges including:

-Completing the 7 day, 161 mile OCR America event in 2016 and the 8 day, 200 mile OCR America 2 in 2020

-1st or 2nd place finish at every 24 hour OCR in the USA in 2017*

-Finishing the longest OCR on record, the 48 hour Endure The Gauntlet in 2018

-Finishing OCRmill 24, 24 hours of treadmill running and obstacles

-Completing the "highest" Ultra-OCR on record, 6 hour OCRmill 21000 feet

-Head Cadre for Tough Mudder's Infinite Hero Honor Challenge which raises money through the charity Infinite Hero Foundation


Current Sponsors/Associated Brands:

-Strength & Speed Owner

-MudGear - Battle of the Lions Pro Team

-Hammer Nutrition Sponsored Athlete

-Adventurey OCRWC, OCR Buddy & The OCR Report Contributing Author

81 OCR Podiums By The Numbers
Spanning 21 Different States and 3 Countries
28x 5k or less
26x 4-10 mile
 27x Ultra
(20x Ultras <24 hours and 7x24 Hour)

Obstacle Course Racing Results By Year

2023 Race Results

1st Hazelwood OCR Massacre

4th Hannibal Race Kuwait

Other:  -Competitor on Season 15 of American Ninja Warrior

2022 Race Results

1st KCOCR Winter Throwdown IV

1st The Siege: Team: Mudgear-Strength & Speed

2nd BoneFrog Trident: NJ

2nd Hazelwood Valentine's Day Massacre

2nd Rugged Maniac: Kansas City

2nd KC Timber Challenge: Yeti

2nd Filthy Monkey

2nd Conquer The Gauntlet Team Challenge: Team Mudgear

2nd Tough Mudder Infinity: Minneapolis (60km buckle)

3rd Toughest Mudder East- Philadelphia

3rd Toughest Mudder Central- Indianapolis: Team Relay: Strength & Speed

3rd The Siege: Individual

5th Rugged Maniac: OKC

5th Rugged Maniac: New Jersey

10th World's Toughest Mudder (2nd in 40-44 AG)

     10th World's Toughest Mudder (2nd in 40-44 AG)
     25th OCR World Championships 15k, 40-44 AG
     26th OCR World Championships 3k, 40-49 AG

Other: -Head cadre for 3x Tough Mudder Infinite Hero events raising more than $24,000 for Infinite Hero Foundation

-OCR Everest: Ascended the height of Everest using a Tough Mudder course for part of the event raising $3500+ for Infinite Hero Foundation

-50x Tough Mudder (achieved 50th event in 2022)

-Competitor on Season 14 of American Ninja Warrior

2021 Race Results
1st Conquer The Gauntlet: Continuum
1st Rugged Maniac: Kansas City
1st Frozen Monkey
2nd Toughest Mudder East: Poconos
2nd Tougher Mudder Missouri
2nd Rugged Maniac: OKC
2nd OG Timber Challenge
3rd Battle of the Lions OKC: Perpetuum (Endurance)
3rd Toughest Mudder Central: Chicago
3rd Gladiator Assault Challenge (Spring)
4th Frontline OCR: Endurance
7th World's Toughest Mudder (1st in 35-39 AG)
7th Battle of the Lions Little Rock: The Standard
8th Battle of the Lions KC: Imperium (strength)
15th Battle of the Lions Dallas: Complector (grip)
17th Indian Mud Run

     7th World's Toughest Mudder (1st, 35-39 AG) 
     5th OCR World Championships 15k, 35-39 AG
     6th OCR World Championships 3k, 30-39 AG
     7th OCR World Championship Team: Pro Coed: MudGear-Lions
     ~52nd OCR World Championships 100m

Other: 1st Holy Grail Champion (Tough Mudder Points Series)
-OCRmill 21,000 Feet:  Six hour Ultra-OCR done at 21,000 feet through the use of a hypoxic generator.  One mile on a treadmill followed by four obstacles for six hours.  Finished 23 miles, 92 obstacles and raised more than $5000 for Folds of Honor.
-3rd in Battle of the Lions Points Series
-Competitor on Season 13 of American Ninja Warrior
-Completed Chief's Challenge (3 laps) at Indian Mud Run
-Head cadre for 3x Tough Mudder Infinite Hero Honor Challenge Events (1x test, 2x live events)
2020 Race Results
1st Conquer The Gauntlet Continuum- Des Moines
1st KC Timber Challenge: XTC
1st Kimberly's 24 Hour Ultra-Mudder
1st Let It Burn 2020
3rd KCOCR Summer Throwdown

Other: "OCR America 2: When Hell Freezes Over"- 8 day, 8 venue, 200 mile, 1000+ obstacle journey for the charity Folds of Honor raising $7,600+ (191 miles in the first 7 days, most OCR miles in a single week)
-2nd Place Virtual Toughest Mudder
2019 Race Results:
1st Hannibal Race Kuwait
1st Conquer The Gauntlet Continuum- OKC
1st Conquer The Gauntlet Continuum- Wichita
1st Conquer The Gauntlet Continuum- Tulsa
1st Conquer The Gauntlet Continuum- Little Rock
1st Toughest Mudder West (Las Vegas)- 2 Man Relay: Strength & Speed
1st Tougher Mudder College Station
1st Hammer Race Spring- Team Strength & Speed
1st Warrior Rush: Winter Soldier Xtreme (3 hr)
1st Extreme Timber Challenge (XTC)
2nd Toughest Mudder Central (Minneapolis)
2nd KCOCR Feel The Burn Challenge
2nd Tougher Mudder Florida
3rd Toughest Mudder East (Philadelphia)
4th Warrior Dash Missouri
6th World's Toughest Mudder (3rd in 35-39 AG)
6th Rugged Maniac Kansas City
6th Tougher Mudder LA
6th Tougher Mudder Boston
7th City Challenge Race NYC

Championships: 6th overall at 2019 World's Toughest Mudder with 90 miles (3rd 35-39 AG)
     5th Pro Coed North American OCR Championships Team Relay- CTG Prime
     9th AG 30-39 at North American OCR Championships 3k

Other: OCRmill 24: 24 hours of one mile on a treadmill followed by four obstacles:  85 miles, 340 obstacles, $2,500+ raised for the charity Folds of Honor
-Raised $500 for Folds of Honor through the sale of autobiography Ultra-OCR Man
-Earned Conquer The Gauntlet Centurion Medal (4xCTGs in 2019) with all 1st place Continuums
-Reached 25x Tough Mudder Events
-3rd place at Tough Mudder's 2019 Holy Grail Rankings

2018 Race Results:

1st World's Toughest Mudder Team- Team Atomik

1st Conquer The Gauntlet Des Moines

1st Green Beret Challenge: Operator St. Louis

1st Dirt Runner's Warrior Rush: 6 hour

1st Hammer Race (Fall)

1st Extreme Timber Challenge (XTC)

2nd North American OCR Championship- Pro Coed- CTG Pro Team

2nd Abominable Snow Race (Hero's Heat)

3rd Tougher Mudder Tri-State (NJ)

3rd Green Beret Challenge- Commando (KC)- KCOCR Strength & Speed

4th Terrain Race Tulsa

5th Rugged Maniac Kansas City

6th Toughest Mudder Midwest (Michigan)

6th Conquer The Gauntlet Little Rock

8th Warrior Dash Nebraska

9th Conquer The Gauntlet Wichita

14th Toughest Mudder UK

15th Toughest Mudder East (Boston)

Championships: 1st World's Toughest Mudder Team- Team Atomik

     2nd North American OCR Championship- Pro Coed- CTG Pro Team

     12th North American OCR Championships- AG 35-39

Other: -Endure The Gauntlet- ran Conquer The Gauntlet Tulsa for 48 hours covering 91 miles and raising over $6,500 for the charity Folds of Honor (longest OCR time-wise ever)

2017 Race Results:

1st Dirt Runner's Midwest Mayhem Black Ops 24 hr OCR
*1st Shale Hell 24 hr (*Shadow Run done on a different day) 
1st Warrior Dash Tennessee
2nd World's Toughest Mudder (2+ team): Team Merrell- CBS Televised
2nd Terrain Relay 24 hr: Team Strength & Speed
2nd Conquer The Gauntlet Atlanta
2nd Tougher Mudder Wisconsin
3rd Conquer The Gauntlet Little Rock
3rd Conquer The Gauntlet Central Texas
3rd The Battlegrounds- Fall
4th Tougher Mudder Kentucky 
6th Conquer The Gauntlet- WIchita
7th Toughest Mudder Northeast- Philadelphia- CBS Televised
7th Toughest Mudder Midwest- Chicago- CBS Televised
7th Conquer The Gauntlet- Des Moines
8th Hannibal Race- Le Plateau de Bakich- LBCI Televised
10th Toughest Mudder South- Atlanta- CBS Televised
10th True Grit Enduro 24

10th Savage Race Georgia Spring

Championships: -2nd 2+ Team World's Toughest Mudder with 80 miles (Team Merrell)

-10th Pro Coed Team- OCRWC Team Relay

-16th Pro Male at USOCRC 

-89th Pro Male at OCRWC

Other: -Ranked 6th overall on Toughest Mudder mileage competition (total of three highest mileage counts for the year)

-Finished 1st or 2nd at every 24 hour OCR in the USA (4 races) in 2017*

2016 Race Results:

1st CTG-XTC Mega OCR

1st BattleFrog BFX Kansas City

1st BattleFrog BFX Chicago

1st Hannibal Race Awkar, Lebanon

2nd Conquer The Gauntlet Dallas

2nd BattleFrog BFX Nashville

3rd BattleFrog BFX Charlotte

3rd Conquer The Gauntlet Little Rock

3rd Conquer The Gauntlet Louisville 

4th Conquer The Gauntlet Kansas City

4th Hardcore Mudd Run

6th Warrior Dash Wisconsin

8th World's Toughest Mudder (2nd in 30-34 AG)

26th Spartan Beast- Montana

World Championships: 8th World's Toughest Mudder (90 Miles)- CBS Sports Televised (2nd 35-39 AG)

     73rd Pro Men OCR World Championship

     35th OCRWC Pro Men's Team: Strength & Speed-Ultra

Other:  -OCR America:  Charity fundraiser event for Folds of Honor, running OCRs at 7 different venues for 7 days in a row, totaling 161 miles (average 23 miles a day), 1,000+ obstacles and 31,000+ feet of elevation gain (a record for the most OCR miles in one week) raising $3,500+

-Three BattleFrog Xtreme podium finishes in one month (2nd Nashville, 3rd Charlotte and 1st Kansas City)

-First athlete to win 3 BattleFrog Xtreme Races (a record for most BFX wins total, now tied with two other athletes)

2015 Race Results:

1st BattleFrog BFX Cincinnati

1st in Mud Run Guide's Summer Splash

2nd 24 hours of Shale Hell

2nd Fugitive Run (summer)

2nd Warrior Dash IL

3rd Conquer the Gauntlet Wichita 

3rd The Battlegrounds (spring)

3rd Rugged Maniac IN

3rd Team in Atlas Race KC

5th Hannibal Race Le Plateau de Bakish, Lebanon- LBCI Televised

6th Atlas Race KC

8th Warrior Dash Nebraska

9th Rugged Maniac KC

22nd World's Toughest Mudder

39th Spartan Race Super Palmerton- NBC Sports Televised

OCR Warrior competitor

11x Tough Mudder (laps at normal events)

World Championships: 22nd at World's Toughest Mudder

Other: Four podium finishes in three weeks (2nd Fugitive Run Summer, 1st Mud Run Guide's Summer Splash, 3rd Conquer The Gauntlet Wichita and 2nd 24 hours of Shale Hell) 

2014 Race Results:

5th Warrior Dash Missouri

13th World's Toughest Mudder

World Championships:  13th (7th American) World's Toughest Mudder

     52nd at Obstacle Course Racing World Championship (Elite)    

     59th at Warrior Dash World Championships

2013 Race Results:

2nd Warrior Dash Kentucky


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One minute video highlight on focus from the Tulsa based multimedia company Stoke Shed filmed during the five hour Conquer The Gauntlet Continuum Oklahoma City 2019.

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