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OCRmill 21,000 ft. 2021

Welcome To The Highest Ultra-OCR Ever: OCRmill 21,000 ft.

Strength & Speed owner and pro OCR athlete Evan "Ultra-OCR Man" Perperis is at it again.  Together, with your help, we have raised more than $20,000 for Folds of Honor providing scholarship money to children whose parents were killed or wounded in US Military service.  The stretch goal for this event was another $5,000 to push our grand total over $25k and we surpassed it!  Strength & Speed's lifetime fundraising total for Folds of Honor is more than $26,000!

Evan ran 1 mile then completed four obstacles repeating for a full six hours making it an Ultra-OCR, but there was a twist.  He ran the event at 21,000 feet elevation with reduced oxygen making it a severe challenge to push his body to the limits.

But wait...there's more, there was also a virtual (loosely) competitive event as part of this, scroll down for more details and how you can get still get involved despite the official fundraising period closing.   Even if you are reading this late, we still have buckles available, scroll down for more details.

The goal of OCRmill 21,000 ft. is threefold:

     1. Raise money for children of US Military veterans that were killed or wounded in combat overseas through the charity Folds of Honor.

     2. Raise the publicity and awareness for Obstacle Course Racing.

     3. A personal challenge.

Evan's Challenge

How did you build an OCR on top of a 21,000 foot mountain?

     We didn't, instead of actually moving to attitude for the event, Evan ran with a hypoxic generator mask attached to his face thus simulating the reduced oxygen at 21000 feet of elevation above sea level.  The hypoxic generator is an expensive piece of equipment costing several thousands of dollars, this isn't a cheap "altitude training mask" you buy at a local sporting goods store.  This is the same type of device climbers use when acclimatizing their body to climb mountains like Everest.  It looks like a shop vac or an air conditioner on wheels.  The crew had to roll the device behind Evan as he completed obstacles and work to prevent him from running over the oxygen hose as well as the power cord.

Where and when is the event?

     The event took place at Motus Ninja gym in Kansas City on Sunday March 7th.  Go check out Motus for some awesome ninja training whether you live in KC or are just passing through.  

Could I have come to watch?


     No, due to COVID this was a closed event.  Check out the links below for pre/post event coverage on channels like Obstacle Running Adventures, Strength & Speed, Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team and Stoke Shed.


Is this safe?


     Good question...without the proper safety precautions, training/build up and acclimatization, no it is not safe.  However, Evan is taking lots of safety precautions leading into this year's challenge.  Listen to the Obstacle Running Adventures podcast between Mike Stefano and Evan to hear some of the science behind the training.

What is with the logo?


     You may notice the folded flag, which is the symbol of our charity partner Folds of Honor.  The dragon logo is from Mythic Race, a new race coming to the mid-west in 2022!  The race is owned and operated by Strength & Speed athlete William Shell, head over and give his Facebook page a like to show your support.

Virtual Event (Your Challenge)

How can I help?


     1. Share the donation link to your social media pages:
     2.  Ask family and friends to donate.  Asking directly to people you will get a better response.
Remember every dollar helps, so even a small donation is great!  We can't get to $5000 for this event without your help!


What about the race?

    Part of this event includes a virtual portion.  Here is how to participate:

1. Pay $50 via the buckle item in the online store (see link in our online store).

2. Do a virtual version on your own.  

      Run 1 mile, do four obstacles.  The obstacles are up to you.  Repeat for six hours. 

3.  Post on social media and tag Strength & Speed (Facebook @Strength & Speed or Instagram @StrengthSpeed) when you start your event.  Six hours later post when you finish and what your total mileage was.

The competitive portion of the event ended on March 15, 2021.  The top three in each gender with the most miles won but you can still earn a buckle.

Can I still participate if I'm reading this after March 16, 2021?

     Yes.  The competitive portion of the event is over, but you can still participate, run your own virtual event and earn a buckle.  Anyone who runs after March 16 can still have their results added to the page, but they will be listed in a separate category.  Participants after March 16's payment will go to pay for the production/cost of the belt buckles.  Follow the same instructions as above and submit your payment through the online store.


What constitutes an obstacle?

     The idea is to get some early season aerobic training and obstacle preparation work for 2021.   Therefore make the obstacle whatever you want.  If you have access to a gym for this great, if you have some homemade obstacles in your garage, also great.  If you only have your body, we recommend picking up a set of Playout The OCR Game deck of cards, which provide body weight "obstacles" that simulate OCR movements.  If you really want to prove your the best OCR athlete, make the obstacles challenging like pegboards and rigs.  We recommend one upper body obstacle (rig, pegboard, monkey bars etc.), one balance obstacle (slackline, quad steps, balance beam etc.), one strength obstacle (bucket carry, log carry, sandbag carry etc.) and one other obstacle (your choice but something standard like crawl, wall, traverse wall, etc.) per lap. 

Order you Playout Deck here:

When do I get my buckle?

     Upon sending your results to and paying in our online store, your buckle will be put in the mail within 24 hours.  You should have it in less than a week (international orders often take about 2-3 weeks).

Listen to the audio-book of Evan's other Ultra-OCR charity events and get inspired!


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Pre-Event Coverage on Obstacle Running Adventures

Post-Event Coverage on Strength & Speed


Start of the event and initial ascent

3 hours into the event

Final mile/obstacles of the event

Earn your belt buckle!!! First 40 athletes to sign up by donating $50 or more to our fundraiser then completing their own six hour virtual run will get a belt buckle mailed to them.  Top three distances in each gender will also get an award buckle (gold, bronze or silver) as a victory trophy.

4 inch by 2.8 inch Belt Buckle

Final Standings From Competitive Period


1. Fred Clarke-Louie: 28 miles (1st Place Masters)

2. Jon Taylor: 27 Miles

3. William Shell: 26 Miles

4. Gary Shaw: 25 miles

5. Cutler Holland: 23 miles

6. Ian Pereira: 18 miles

7. AC Hale: 17 miles

8. Jeremy Zackula: 16 miles

9. Terry Perperis: 14 miles (1st Place Grand Masters & Senior Grand Masters)


1. Mirada Huber: 22 miles

2. Mary Koester: 21 miles (5:51)

3. Mitsy Williams: 21 miles (5:59)

4. Malena Peel: 13 Miles

Additional runners results completed after competitive portion ended.

Coming soon...

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