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On Endurance


A Practical Guide to Unlocking the secrets of super-human performances

While there are a lot of books focused that focus on improving performance, one of the most overlooked aspect is the mental aspect that is laid out in a simple step-by-step guide to implementing those lessons into your training as well as racing. 

On Endurance uses information gained from hundreds of hours of interviews on the Strength & Speed podcast using key takeaways from other accomplished endurance athletes and Evan's own personal endurance experience (read about some of them in Ultra-OCR Man, available now in hard copy, digital and audiobook) to teach lessons that aren't just for Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) but for any endurance sport. 

You'll love the newest book from Strength & Speed that looks to not only teach about endurance but exposes the wider world of endurance sports to some of the insane athletes in the sport of OCR.

Look for it publishing in Spring of 2022!
Available here and on Amazon in both digital and hard copy.
Cover photo from Stoke Shed