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Podcast- 2019 Episodes

Strength & Speed podcast is an Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) focused podcast that aims to bring you the best techniques and training tips in OCR.  

What makes us different is the unique approach to taking lessons learned from other sports and applying them to OCR.  Plus, we try to focus on the smaller or lesser known race series to highlight their unique take on OCR. Subscribe to the feed to keep up with the latest episodes.

We will be talking and interviewing athletes, coaches and race directors from inside the OCR industry as well as athletes from other sports.  

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S&S Podcast Host

Strength & Speed owner, CTG Pro Team Athlete and Hammer Nutrition sponsored athlete Evan Perperis.  For full bio click here.


S&S Latest Podcast Episodes

Ep 109: Recorded hours after the announcement of Spartan buying Tough Mudder's UK/Canada/Germany events, Evan speculates on what that means for the future of the Tough Mudder brand, specifically Toughest Mudder.  Plus some listeners ask about the future of OCR with brands like Hyrox and Spartan's Dekafit. 

Additionally, some new S&S announcements including last call for Hannibal Race Kuwait contest, new OCR audiobook dropping this week and the CTG Pro Team training group.

Finally, the episode finishes with some listener Q&A on the new Star Wars Trilogy, no spoilers here.


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Ep: 108: Race/facility owner of Binghamton, NY's Newbsanity and elite athlete Jarrett Newby joins Evan to talk about his team's recent performance at Platinum Rig's 24 hour Relay Championship.  The two talk about Platinum Rig's very unique event that was mandatory obstacle completion for all 24 hours!  Additionally, they talk future plans for the Newbsanity facility, growing the sport through youth, Spartan's new elite rule changes, the future of the sport, a little more World's Toughest Mudder talk and finally some tips for handling tobacco and Viagra. 


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Ep 107: 8x World's Toughest Mudder (WTM) finisher Jason Rulo, the inventor of the Neptune top and 2xWTM finisher S&S's Kelly William's (both on Alpha Racing Team), join 6x WTM finisher Evan Perperis to talk #WTM2019.  Between the three you get a wide range of experiences including Jason who has run all but one of the races, Evan who ran just Las Vegas/ATL WTMs and Kelly who only has experience in Atlanta. 

The three talk the good, the bad and the ugly including: obstacles on course, weather, future plans from TMHQ, how it compares to previous years, their race strategies, Evan's #allin strategy and, of course, finishes with some lesser known facts about each other.  Kelly may have our favorite one of all time.  Hakuna Matata!  

Plus, information on how to win a trip to Hannibal Race Kuwait!!!


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Ep 106: Earlier this year we interviewed hybrid athlete with an OCR background, Billy "The 100 Mile Slayer" Richards as he was starting his journey to set a world record.  The plan was to run 42x100 mile races in a single calendar year.  Evan catches up with him after pacing him for the last quarter of his 33rd 100 mile race of 2019 (his 10th in 10 weeks).  Will he break the record before he breaks his body?  Listen to the mindset, physicality and how he defies human endurance on the latest episode.


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Ep 105: Spartan Pro Jordon Buscemi talks about his season including overcoming injury as his first year as a Spartan Pro.  Jordon talks Spartan World Championship in Tahoe, how he was able to race shirtless in the icy conditions and shares his thoughts on burpees.  Joining Jordon is Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team's Evan Perperis and co-host Ashley Samples.  Ashley talks post-pregnancy training and Evan shares how he got sick at less than 24 hours before CTG Little Rock.  The group shares some fun facts about Gladiators and sewing skills in addition to discussing Conquer The Gauntlet, KC Timber Challenge and The Hammer Race.  Plus, a shout out to H&H Exteriors, Neptune, MudGear and BleggMits.


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Ep 104: You don't want to miss this episode because we announce the largest OCR Giveaway Ever!!! What is it?  You are going to have to listen to find out.

Hannibal Race owner Amine Dib joins Evan to talk about his series including how he managed to put on events in Lebanon, Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but encountered insurmountable obstacles in India.  Plus, Amine talks the future of Hannibal Race, his nearly 700km bike ride through the mountains of Lebanon to raise money for charity and his TV shows (which air on MTV Lebanon). 


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Ep 103: Chiropractor Dr. Kirk Iodice joins Evan on the podcast to discuss treatment modalities for the OCR athlete.  Included in the podcast are discussions on adjustments, ART (active release therapy), IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization), dry needling and taping.  Tons of great information in this episode for listeners nationwide.  Although Dr. Iodice's clinic Advanced Healthcare and Sports Injury is located in Kansas City, he provides information that can help you find similar treatment modalities nationwide. 


Episode brought to you by OOFOS recovery sandals and RockTape the leader in sports mobility for the OCR world.

Ep 102: Miranda Lynn Huber made big waves last year when she won Savage Race Dallas beating a whole crowd of big OCR names.  In this episode, she talks with Evan about her background in pole vaulting, rock climbing, how she got back to fitness after having her baby girl and what the future holds.  They talk Savage Race, Conquer The Gauntlet, BoneFrog and Green Beret Challenge, plus her unique job working on the stealth Vertical TakeOff and Landing (VTOL) fighter plane, the F-35.


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Ep 101: Elite racer Ja Shua Ried, a regular of the podiums of Spartan Elite Races and Toughest Mudder joins Evan for a talk after his top ten finish at North American OCR Championships.  Ja Shua talks his interesting background, how he went from smoker to ultra-runner to pro obstacle course racer.  Plus, we reveal the story behind his chub cactus and share some facts about him you won't expect at the end of the episode.


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Ep 100:  We hit 100 episodes and sh*t is about to get weird.  Want to know why I'm not in India for the Hannibal Race?  Listen to the beginning.  Then we run through listener questions including: Favorite pre/post race stretches? What OCR tools would you bring if stuck on an island? What OCR series would you bring back from the dead?  Does anyone read the waiver? What's the deal with HB? How do you balance work/kids/training? What is the most technical obstacle in OCR? What would to build with a limited and unlimited budget? What to do during the off season? Who takes the best OCR pictures? What is the closest I have come to death in OCR? How many article are sitting on my computer unpublished? Who is my favorite teammate? How do you eat healthy while traveling?  What is the future of OCR? and much, much more.

Finally, the episode ends with the weirdest question "Are aliens real?" thank Christina Armstrong.  For more info on some of the books referenced check out Area 51 by Annie Jacobson, Inside The Real Area 51: History of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and Skunkworks. You can also do some research on your own of the Fermi Paradox and the Drake Equation.

Ep 99: Pro Fisherman Aaron Churchwell, a former soldier deployed to Iraq with host Evan Perperis, joins Evan to talk about the crossover points between a fishing and Obstacle Course Racing (OCR).  The two talk about creating bigger events, prize money, sponsorship, how to get sponsored, TV coverage, as well as some nuances of the sport fishing world  The episode ends with some good war stories from Iraq including a fire, near drowning and a firefight (some you can read about in more depth in the book Ultra-OCR Man). 


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Ep 98: It's a packed episode with current and former CTG Pro Team athletes featuring Amy "Magic" Pajcic, Matt "The Mudder" Willis, Chirstina "Honey Badger" Armstrong and Evan "Ultra-OCR Man" Perperis.  In this round table episode we talk about North American OCR Championship including the 3k, 15k, Relay and charity event.  We talk obstacles, rules, "chicken wings", future of the series and more. 

Then we switch gears to talk Conquer The Gauntlet Wichita including both the Elite race and Continuum.  At the end of the episode we share some info you have never heard about the athletes that you don't want to miss.  Don't miss final shout outs to dryrobe, Atomik Climbing Holds, Oofos, Marena Sport, MudGear, Spartan and KC Timber Challenge.


Episode brought to by Goodr, the official sunglasses of both Mud Run Guide and the North American OCR Championships.

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Ep 97: Nightmare Challenge's Airek Dilley joins Evan for a deep dive into his personal life which included going to jail several times, being addicted to drugs and even an overdose.  After finding fitness (Crossfit then OCR), Airek turned his life around to be a successful OCR athlete sponsored by Nightmare Challenge (part of the Ohio Grand Slam).  Airek talks details of the Ohio Grand Slam (including events like Indian Mud Run, Black Swamp Dash, Black Diamond OCR, Nightmare Challenge and Mud Ninja) and the upcoming DRX Games in Ohio on August 25th.  Plus, Evan shares some exciting news for fans of S&S attending the North American OCR Championships.


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Ep 96: Conquer The Gauntlet Pros Doug Snyder and Lisa Nondorf are back for another episode with Evan.  Lisa talks about her return to OCR and podium finish at a local race, Alpine Adventure, despite running with a torn bicep.  Doug Snyder talks Conquer The Gauntlet Iowa and the local race, Hero Dash, which included a kayak portion (it didn't go as planned for him).  Evan talks about the canceled Tougher Mudder Long Island and the results/pit crew tactics/pacing from Toughest Mudder Central (Minneapolis).  Plus, Evan talks his experience at Advanced Healthcare and Sports Injury with Dr. Kirk Iodice.  Finally, the three share some personal secrets including an insane discovery in the desert of Iraq.


Episode brought to you by Stoke Shed.  Stoke Shed is a Tulsa based multi-media company creating great videos for local brands, races, bands and more.  If you want OCR covered in a unique format that drives traffic to your brand and teaches you life lessons, Stoke Shed is the way to go.

Ep 95: Chrissy McFarland made big waves in the OCR community as a rookie taking a string of Savage Race podiums making big waves in both the traditional length course and Savage Blitz.  Brenna Calvert and Evan Perperis talk to her about her training, her battle with Lupus and how BattleFrog's football commercial brought the OCR community something good.  Plus, Brenna shares some embarrassing personnel stories. 


Episode brought to you by Yancy CampClick here to sign up and train with the Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team.

Ep 94: Conquer The Gauntlet Pros and Master's power couple Doug Snyder and Lisa Nondorf talk Conquer The Gauntlet in the latest episode.  Joined by Evan, the two discuss CTG Dallas, CTG OKC, the new Continuum format, CTG's new obstacles and what else is in store for 2019.  Plus, Lisa share her dramatic story of injury and how she has been coping with sitting out most of the season.  Finally, the three discuss their results from InsideTracker including Doug's DNA profile results.


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Ep 93: Tri-Fitness World Champion and competition coach Brandy Nelson Goddard joins Evan to talk about her favorite event.  The Tri-Fitness challenge is part figure competition, part OCR, part gymnastics routine and part lifting competition to crown an overall winner.  Brandy talks her competition history, preparing other athletes and her appearances on American Ninja Warrior, Guinness Book of Records Gone Wild show (including her literally jumping in/out of her panties), America's Got Talent and Let's Ask America. 


Episode brought to you by the dietitian of the CTG Pro Team, Luc Labonte, providing nutrition advice for OCR athletes and beyond.

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Ep 92: Fresh off his 3rd place finish at OCR World Championship Enduro 24, military veteran and 5x World's Toughest Mudder (WTM) finisher Trevor Cichosz joins Evan for this ultra episode.  Trevor is one of the most consistent athletes in our sport and regularly defies what most people view as possible.  The two ultra-athletes discuss fueling, pacing, differences between Enduro-WTM and why he is staying with WTM in 2019.  Trevor also shares his experiences doing Everest 135 (135 mile race through the base camp area of Everest) as well as his 200 mile run in Scotland last year. 


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Ep 91: Grit Fitness Pro Kris Ruglowski (Gambino) joins Evan to discuss her rapid rise in success in the OCR world, how she found fitness, her recent experience on The Rock's Titan Games and what she has planned for the future.  This OCR Age Group World Champion talks about her training and some behind the scenes secrets from Titan Games that you don't want to miss. 


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Ep 90: Former Navy SEAL and current BUD/S Instructor Mark James talks with Evan about his pro triathlete career, his amateur cycling career, the difference between SEAL students that finish compared to those that quit and how he is still achieving success as a Masters athlete.  Plus, they talk Mark's current quest for the most Holy Grail Miles (cumulative total of Tougher, Toughest and World's Toughest Mudder miles in a calendar year).  Also includes a review of Toughest Mudder East (Philly), Toughest Mudder UK and Evan's good idea for Age Group awards (pay attention TMHQ). 


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Ep 89: Nicholas Ryker finished 8th at the Seattle Super National Series race and is starting to make big waves in the OCR world.  He's a #NonSpartanProTeamMember but we are not sure how long he will be able to keep that trending # he has been using.  Nick talks his 1500m days in college, transitioning to OCR as well as his recent wins at Valentine's Day Massacre and Guardian Battle OCRs.  Both races included cash prizes were two miles dense with obstacles and were run in a time trial format near St. Louis.  The podcast finishes with how Nick includes Christ in his training and racing. 

Links for recommendations included in the episode:

The Case for Christ, The Case for a Creator, The Case for Miracles

St. Spyridon's Introductory to Christianity- Orthodoxy Podcast

St. Spyridon's Weekly Podcast


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Ep 88: Training for Ultra's Rob Steger joins Evan to talk about the world of ultra-running.  Included in the conversation is fueling strategies, gear recommendations, hallucinations, prize money in the ultra-world, how he went from non-athlete to 100 mile finisher as well as his his podcast and new book "Training for Ultra". 


Episode brought to you by Hammer Nutrition.  Save 15% on the world's best endurance supplements using ref #240887.

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Ep 87: Brenna returns for an episode to talk updates in the OCR World with Evan Perperis.  We talk season openers for Savage Race, Tough Mudder, the Hammer Race and KC Timber Challenge.  Plus, we discuss misleading people on social media and more OCR hot topics like prize money.  Finally, we cover the results of Brenna's InsideTracker.


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Ep 86: Military veteran and hybrid Athlete Billy Richards has a interesting background in fitness and seems to live by the motto that "more is better".  In 2019, Billy is attempting to set a world record for most 100 milers completed in a year.  As of this recording he was at 9, now he's at 11.  Evan and Billy talk mental strategies, training background, injury prevention and more in this episode. 


Episode brought to you by Harbinger Fitness, strength training tools to take your fitness to the next level.

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Ep 85: Former professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, Casey Johnson, joins Evan for this episode of the podcast to talk about MMA and OCR.  The two talk training, weekly schedules, talk tips for new athletes entering OCR, the importance of mindset, differences between major series and finding flow.

Episode brought to you by Squirrel's Nut Butter, anti-chaffing products designed for the rough conditions of OCR.

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Ep 84: Elite contender from World's Toughest Mudder (WTM) Kelly Williams joins Evan for this week's podcast to talk about two serious OCR related injuries she sustained in the last two years including breaking her foot on mile 10 (of 50) at WTM.  Kelly used her background as Board Certified Sports Medicine Physical Therapist to bounce back fast and won Bonefrog Talladega last weekend.  Finally, Kelly and Evan talk Strength & Speed Development Team, changes to entrance and Evan announces his new book from Mud Run Guide.


This episode brought to you by Enchanting Getaway, providing all your travel needs as an OCR athlete. 

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Ep 83: 2018 North American OCR Championship (NORAM) 3k 60+ Champion and creator of Indian Mud Run, Hubie Cushman joins Evan to talk about his Indian Mud Run event.  The event has developed a strong following across the USA and is best known from its floating walls obstacles, which can be seen at NORAM and City Challenge.  After talking about OCR, the topic dives into the Arnold Classic, where Hubie worked with Rogue to develop "The Wheel of Pain".  This recreation from the movie "Conan The Barbarian" tested Strongman athletes at the largest sports festival in the world. 


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Ep 82: OCRmill 24 is discussed, a charity fundraiser for Folds of Honor, in which Evan ran 24 hours of treadmill OCR at Conquer Fitness in Tulsa, OK.  One mile run on a treadmill followed by four obstacles repeated for 24 hours.  For the first half of the episode CTG Pro Lisa Nondorf joins Evan to talk her relay experience at Hybrid Athletic Club.  In the second half of the episode ultra-runner Helene Dumais joins Evan to talk about their 200+ mile treadmill relay at Otherworld OCR in Frederick, MD. Plus a special shout out to Squirrel's Nut Butter and a preview of Platinum Rig's new 24 hour relay.


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Ep 81: Savage Race build crew and competitive OCR athlete Lee Stowell joins Evan and Brenna for this fun filled episode.  Lee talks Savage Race's new obstacles, what its like to work behind the scenes, he talks about Frontline OCR (OCR with a weight vest) and recounts stories from his time at BattleFrog.  Included in this is the time Lee had to sub in for OCR legend Ryan Atkins on ESPN (no big deal).  The episode ends with stories about poop including Evan having to pull security on a steamer in the Georgia woods. 


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Ep 80: Brenna Calvert and Evan Perperis return from their trip to Hannibal Race Kuwait.  Listen to hear a race recap, the cultural differences of international OCR and what it was like to travel across the world to race.  Plus, they share how they manage to get their oversized checks home and some of their sightseeing in Kuwait.


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Ep 79: Steve Mola joins Evan on this podcast to talk about full contact armored combat.  Think if LARPing had a baby with Mixed Martial Arts, it would probably look something like this.  Steve talks training, lessons learned that can be applied to other sports and more in this unique episode. 


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Ep 78: Evan and Brenna talk Hannibal Race Kuwait in this preview episode.  Evan shares some unique and sometimes confusing experiences he had while living in downtown Kuwait City a couple of years ago and talks cultural differences.  Then Brenna and Evan talk 2019 CTG Pro Team sponsors highlighting some of the great opportunities that people will have available in 2019.


Episode brought to you by sponsors of the CTG Pro Team.  Check out the full list and discounts here.

Ep 77: After great success working with Brenna Calvert and her off season preparation Luc Labonte joins Evan and Brenna for a podcast to answer listener questions.  The listener questions were posted back in mid-December.  Let us know if you enjoy this nutrition focused episode and we will do another one in a couple of months. 


Episode brought to you by Luc Labonte Nutrition.  Shoot him a message on Facebook if you are interested in improving your nutrition for OCR or life in general. 

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Ep 76: 888k finisher and 2014 2nd place Killington Ultra-Beast finisher Helene Dumais joins Evan for a podcast recorded from Otherworld OCR in Frederick, Maryland.  Helene a CrossFit Level II certified coach, accomplished ultra-runner and OCR gym manager discusses her training, future plans and what she changed to finish one of the longest endurance runs in the world. 

For more info on Helene and her sponsors check out:

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Intro and Outro music for all episodes is "From Another Day" by Madison Ambush.  Music used with the permission of Marc Capaldo.