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"If you want something you never had, you have to be willing to do something you have never done."

Podcast- 2021 Episodes

Strength & Speed podcast is an Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) focused podcast that aims to bring you the best techniques and training tips in OCR.  

What makes us different is the unique approach to taking lessons learned from other sports and applying them to OCR.  Plus, we try to focus on the smaller or lesser known race series to highlight their unique take on OCR. Subscribe to the feed to keep up with the latest episodes.

We will be talking and interviewing athletes, coaches and race directors from inside the OCR industry as well as athletes from other sports.  

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S&S Podcast Host

Strength & Speed owner, CTG Pro Team Athlete and Hammer Nutrition sponsored athlete Evan Perperis.  For full bio click here.

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S&S Latest Podcast Episodes

Ep 156: Young lions owner, Conquer The Gauntlet co-founder and Battle of the Lions co-owner David Mainprize joins Evan Perperis to share secrets and sneak peaks for Battle of the Lions OCR Tour.  Full of information not yet released, we wanted to get this out as soon as possible.  Details on obstacles, prize packs, pro area, point series, BOTL merch, kid's courses and how Sidney almost cut his finger off. 

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Ep 155: A uniquely formatted episode.  The first half has Conquer The Gauntlet Pros Jay Flores, Evan Perperis and Miranda Huber talking about running the event at Motus Ninjas in Kansas City.  Jay worked as support crew while Evan ran 6 hours of Ultra-OCR attached to a hypoxic generator simulating 21,000 feet of altitude for the charity Folds of Honor (scholarship money for children whose parents were killed or wounded in US Military service).  Miranda ran the virtual event alongside Evan finishing first.

The second half of the episode we talk to male winner Fred Clarke-Louie and 2nd place female Mary Koester about what it was like running their virtual event.  Fred also shares some thoughts on Tough Mudder's Ultra-Equinox event, raising kids as a single dad and converting your old playground equipment into an OCR training area.  Mary shares how she has been helping get others out to race, what motivates her and her future plans.


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Ep 154: Joe Kent has spent more than 20 years serving our nation in both the Special Operations Community and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  Besides being a dedicated soldier and top tier athlete, he is also a Gold Star husband.  Joe lost his wife, also a Special Operations Soldier, Shannon Kent in January of 2019 when she was killed by a suicide bomber in Syria leaving behind 3 yr old and 1.5 yr old sons.  This family of heroes has done more for our nation than anyone we know.  Evan and Joe talk the loss of his wife, Shannon, Special Operations Fitness and his future plans.  Includes a shout out to SOFLETE.


Learn more about Joe, his future plans here as well as some of the links he referenced.


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Ep 153:  5x OCR world champion and reigning Spartan World Champion Nicole Mericle joins Brenna and Evan to talk her 2021 Development Team.  After a deep dive into the new team along with the massive benefits it provides she talks some of her background in sports including Steeple Chase. After some training talk, the episode ends with guests sharing some information about their love life. 


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Ep 152: Strength & Speed's Brenna "Red Beast" Calvert returns along with Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Ashley Samples for a content packed episode.  Topics include the recent Florida race OCR Overload, the upcoming Hildervat Jax Beach Race (May 22-23) with some big Spartan Pro names attending, results from InsideTracker testing, Brenna's journey with the #75Hard challenge, Battle of the Lions preview (go listen to BROCR Supercast for the full run down) and Evan's big news for OCRmill 21,000 feet along with American Ninja Warrior.  The episode ends with the hardest we have ever left on air....get ready for some bathroom humor and if you are running, maybe walk it out for a minute so you don't hyperventilate from laughing too hard.


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Ep 151: Andrew Potter is a renaissance athlete competing in a wide range of activities from triathlon to running to climbing and even dabbling into Obstacle Course Racing.  This Army Veteran served in both the 82nd Airborne Division and 75th Ranger Regiment in numerous deployments to Afghanistan, now works as the co-owner of ROKC (an epic climbing gym in the Kansas City area).  Andrew talks with Evan about the military, mindset, training for performance, improving on climbing and more in this content packed episode.


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Ep 150: Professional Boomerang Thrower, 4x American Ninja Warrior Veteran, 4x Spartan Pro Team Athlete and OCR World Championship Pro Team World Champion Logan Broadbent joins Evan and his cohost AC Hale for this content packed episode.  Logan's broad background in everything from boomerangs, to triathlon (world championship qualifier) to diving (All-American athlete) brings a lot of great information and lessons learned to OCR. 

(Since the initial recording, Spartan confirmed Logan is on the Pro Team for 2021)


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Ep 149:Which is worse, bear crawl for 3.3 miles?  Clean & Toss a 75 lbs. sandbag that length?  Or lunge walk the length of Warrior Dash?  In the latest episode Evan talks to OCR athlete and former pro bodybuilder Josh Andrews who has done all those self created challenges to raise money for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (  They talk further about crossover points with bodybuilding and Josh's upcoming challenge, a 100 mile run with 2x ChopFit Choppers.


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