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"If you want something you never had, you have to be willing to do something you have never done."

Podcast- 2022 Episodes

Strength & Speed podcast is an Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) focused podcast that aims to bring you the best techniques and training tips in OCR.  

What makes us different is the unique approach to taking lessons learned from other sports and applying them to OCR.  Plus, we try to focus on the smaller or lesser known race series to highlight their unique take on OCR. Subscribe to the feed to keep up with the latest episodes.

We will be talking and interviewing athletes, coaches and race directors from inside the OCR industry as well as athletes from other sports.  

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S&S Podcast Host

Strength & Speed owner, MudGear-Battle of the Lions Pro Athlete and Hammer Nutrition sponsored athlete Evan Perperis.  For full bio click here.

(Picture above from world's highest Ultra-OCR, 6 hours of OCR at 21,000 feet simulated altitude for OCRmill 21,000 feet which raised $5000+ for charity.)

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S&S Latest Podcast Episodes

Infinite Hero Foundation beneficiary Richard Carson joins Evan on the podcast to talk about two serious injuries (one an IED in Afghanistan and a car accident) that left him as a quadriplegic.  He recently attended Tough Mudder's Infinite Hero Honor Challenge in College Station TX where he shared some of his experiences with the participants at the venue. 


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Evan jumps back into an episode sharing why he's been absent he talks Tough Mudder's Infinite Hero Honor Challenge, how the Navy SEAL o course compares to Special Forces/Ranger/Air Assault, updates from Hannibal Race, his new book On Endurance details, his opinions on GoRuck Games, Mythic Race shout out and more. 

Plus, a announcement for 2022's charity event OCR Everest taking place at Tough Mudder New England June 4-5, 2022.  Come out and pace, donate to the cause or join the virtual event.

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Crazy Town's guitarist, Elias Tannous, is also a childhood friend of Strength & Speed owner Evan Perperis.  Elias joins the podcast to talk mastering complex skills, being persistent and how to deal with being a public personality.  Plus, Elias shares some childhood stories from a mutual friend, World's Toughest Mudder champion Stefanie Bishop.


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Female winner of fan favorite local brand, Hazelwood OCR's Valentine's Day Massacre, Alicia Kueker joins Evan to talk about her background, training and future plans.  Plus, the two deep dive into what makes Hazelwood OCRs so great with their 50 obstacles in less than three miles of running.


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After completing Arrowhead 135 Jake Ramsby is back to talk about the lessons learned and how the event played out.  Plus, we'll find out if he stepped in his own poop again or has a story that really chaps your ass...


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Ronald Tortola has made a name for himself by subjecting himself to assessment and selection type events for year after year since 2017.  His accomplishments reads like pinnacle achievements off other people's bucket lists including 2x Death Race, 2x Team Assessment, 2x Pre-Selection, 50 mile Star Course, Spartan Delta, Storm Delta, Master of Endurance Delta and finishing Agoge #005.  Ronald and Evan talk gear choices, mindset, the why behind endurance, drawing strength from others and future plans in the latest podcast.

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Newbsanity's Ryan Brizzolara has been making big waves in 2021 with 2x Savage Race win and a Pro Coed OCR World Championships Relay win.  Evan and Ryan talk mindset, lessons learned from his college running days and his former side job as a semi-pro triathlete.  If you are curious to learn about the best OCR training group in the USA, this will give you some insight as their members do things like ice baths in January, frozen four mile runs in their bathing suits and a 1,000,000 meter ski erg. 


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If you've ever stood on the starting line and wondered who is the barefoot guy and then been upset as he ran away from you once the race started, you were standing next to Thomas Plush.  Thomas is a former competitive paintball athlete who has transitioned to the sport of OCR and is the newest addition to the MudGear-Battle of the Lions Pro Team.  Thomas and Evan talk barefoot OCR, becoming the first person to run OCRWC barefoot, paintball, similarities to OCR and upcoming races like Wichita Gladiator Dash, KC Timber Challenge and Battle of the Lions.


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