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Strength & Speed podcast is an Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) focused podcast that aims to bring you the best techniques and training tips in OCR.  

What makes us different is the unique approach to taking lessons learned from other sports and applying them to OCR.  Plus, we try to focus on the smaller or lesser known race series to highlight their unique take on OCR. Subscribe to the feed to keep up with the latest episodes.

We will be talking and interviewing athletes, coaches and race directors from inside the OCR industry as well as athletes from other sports.  

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S&S Podcast Host

Strength & Speed owner, MudGear-Battle of the Lions Pro Athlete and Hammer Nutrition sponsored athlete Evan Perperis.  For full bio click here.

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S&S Latest Podcast Episodes

Rachel Watters fresh off her win from Hannibal Race Kuwait joins Evan back on the podcast to talk about the experience.  The two talk travel, culture, the race itself and fun things they learned during the trip.  Plus, Rachel and Evan share their opinion on non-alcoholic beer....


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Rachel Watters joins Evan excited to take on Hannibal Race in less than a week.  Make sure you follow along our social channels (@UltraOCRman @StrengthSpeed @MudGearBOTLProTeam and @Rachel_Fit_Girl) for all the updates.  The first half of the episode they talk expectations and Kuwaiti culture, great if you are planning a trip to the Middle East to race for something like Spartan World Championships in 2023. 

The second half of the episode they talk about the "OCR Triple Crown", FISO and why they have reservations with the organization along with their events. 


Some further date details not included in the podcast:

Reference USAOCR (different than Adventurey's USOCRC):  

   2016: Organization founded (no events)

   2017: Put their label on Spartan Race in Florida

        Training camp held in Colorado in December (this is the best thing imo, the organization has done)

   2018: Event held Dec 1-2 in Southern California (referenced by Rachel, Evan mistakenly confused Florida event with this one)....again putting their label on a Spartan Race with some unique USAOCR twists

   2019: Event held in Oct at Black Diamond Course in Ohio (36 out of 60 athletes received a podium medal, all but 1 female who showed up received a podium medal.  Largest AG competition had 12 athletes, next largest 7 athletes)

  2020-2022: No events held


FISO (the world organization):

   2016: Organization starts (no events)

   2017-2018: No world or international events I'm tracking

   2019: National events outside the US including Phillipines

        Their 1st World Championship event, 100m in Russia

   2020-2021: No Events as far as I can tell

   2022: No event, they put their label on World's Toughest Mudder, no one at WTM mentioned them at any point during the pre-race briefing or post-race awards brunch


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