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Our consolidated resource for discount codes, promo codes and savings to help you, the athlete, save money on your next purchase of fitness related products, services and fuel.

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YOLKED: Fueled by Fortetropin

Use code Strength20 for 20% off every order you make from

In the meantime check out their website to see the clinical research and how to unlock the power of fertilized egg yolks.  

Get dietary and nutrition advice from another OCR athlete who is also a registered dietitian and health coach.

Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team Nutritionist Luc Labonte wants to help you crush you fitness goals.  Reach out to him via his Facebook page.
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They make the best socks in OCR and have some other great OCR specific products.  Their MadGrip gloves were primary gloves used for the 7 day OCR America.

Looking to stay warm at events like World's Toughest Mudder, Spartan Ultra-Beast, Shale Hill's Polar Bear Challenge or anything else in cold weather?

Check out Neptune Performance Products, a heat pouch water resistant shirt that we recommend to keep in your race bag at all times.

Lets Neptune know you heard about their product form us.  

Mud Run Guide Review

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Atomik Climbing Holds: Atomik makes the best climbing holds for rock climbing, ninja training and OCR.  

Be sure to check their Deals of the Day for free and discounted products when you place your order.

Speed recovery with Oofos recovery sandals and shoes, scientifically proven to reduce impact by 37%.

Marena Sport (formerly Athletics8):  Keep your body ready to perform at the highest levels with the best compression gear on the planet. 

20% off Code: CTGPROTEAM20

RockTape:  RockTape keeps athletes of all levels moving stronger, longer with the world's best kinesiology tapetopical pain relief & skin repair, mobility equipment, and protective gear.  

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CTGPRO15 gets you 15% off Juice Performer from  Choose their

beet juice or beet juice with passion fruit for pre-training


their cherry juice for post-training. 

Unlock the power of beets!!!

Harbinger Fitness providing you everything you need for strength training. 

If you like OCR we recommend fat bar grips and their weighted vest.

Nothing is as good as a dryrobe post event.  Choose a color and enjoy the warm hug of dryrobe with a customized logo on the back.

Strength & Speed logo is on file at dryrobe.  

Rock Tape, more than a tape company, they are a movement company providing you with kinesiology tape built for the rugged conditions of OCR, topical cream and IASTM.

We recommend the Rock Sauce Fire.

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Stop the guess work and learn exactly what is going on inside your body.  InsideTracker provides you blood work formerly only available to the top pros.  With up to 42 bio-markers, it takes the guess work out of fitness and nutrition.

Order your test today from InsideTracker

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Use code CTG10 for 10% off every order from Elite Ops Energy.

Their 100mg caffeinated, dis-solvable strips are the perfect pre-workout or mid-day boost for low energy.