Strength & Speed

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Race Owners

Our athletes aren't just fitness enthusiasts they are also actively involved in the fitness industry. 

Mythic Race: OCR in Benson, Missouri

Mythic Race is owned, designed and operated by S&S athlete and physical therapist William Shell.  William, a former pro 300m track runner, designed an epic course with 5k or 5 hour options with obstacles that are fun, exciting and a mishmash of some of his favorites from racing around the OCR world.  If you want to hear more about Mythic Race, listen to Will on the S&S podcast below.

Leaky Hourglass Ultra: Ultra in Half Way, MO

Leaky Hourlgass ultra is a last man standing event in Halfway, Missouri owned and run by S&S athlete Gary Shaw.  The race has a unique format with athletes requiring to complete a 4.16 mile run every hour on the hour...except that every hour you have one less minute to complete the 4.16 mile loop.  Want to know more?  Listen to Gary on the S&S podcast below.

Battle of the Lions: OCR Series in in the Midwest

David Mainprize is co-owner of Battle of the Lions, the Midwest's best OCR series.  David has worked on the build crew of major races including OCR World Championships, Conquer The Gauntlet and Indian Mud Run to name a few.  David and co-owner Sidney Paul Morris have events at locations like Dallas, Oklahoma City, Little Rock and Kansas City.  Probably the coolest factor is that each race has it's own theme (strength, endurance or grip) making each race in every season a memorable experience.  Listen to David on the S&S podcast below. 

Hannibal Race: OCR Series in the Middle East (Lebanon, Kuwait, KSA)

Before joining S&S Amine Dib was already a national Tae Kwon Do champion for Lebanon, a fitness celebrity appearing in weekly segments on TV in the Middle East and owner of the only OCR World Championships qualifier in Lebanon.  As co-owner of the Hannibal Race, he continues to break boundaries bringing his awesome 5k race to countries like Kuwait, Lebanon and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Listen to more about him and Hannibal Race via the podcasts below.

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