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Recommended Documentaries

List of Top Fitness Documentaries Broken Down by Sport

If you are new to watching documentaries about fitness, feel free to follow my advice and work your way down these lists from top to bottom. My favorite movie by topic is listed as number one and then my least favorite is at the bottom (although that does not necessarily mean it is not a good movie).

Top Documentaries about Obstacle Course Racing

Most of the Other Bodybuilding Documentaries Blend Together.  If you are interested in that specific athlete and a behind the scenes look at their training, diet and life, you will find these interesting.  Many are minimally edited and show day to day life in their contest prep.

Jay Cutler: Undisputed

Jay Cutler: A Cut Above

Jay Cutler: From Jay to Z

Ronnie Coleman: Invincible

Ronnie Coleman: Relentless

Ronnie Coleman: The Unbelievable 

Ronnie Coleman: On The Road

David Henry: Xtreme Measures

David Henry: Beyond Motivated

Kai Greene: Believe

Kai Greene: Overkill

Dexter Jackson: The Blade

Top Documentaries about Powerlifting

1. Westside vs. The World

2. Transformer

Top Documentaries about Strongman

1. World's Strongest Man: Decades The 80s

2. World's Strongest Man: Decades The 90s

3. World's Strongest Man: Decades The 00s

4. Born Strong

5. Strongman

Top Documentaries about Ultra-Running

1. Facing Infinitus by Helene Dumais

2 Ultramarathon Man: 50 Marathons - 50 States - 50 Days

3. Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Their Young (technically orienteering)

4. Painted Warrior

Top Documentaries about Running

1. Spirit of the Marathon

2. Spirit of the Marathon 2

3. Run for Your Life

Top Documentaries about Cycling

1. The Armstrong Lie

2. Stop At Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story

3. Slaying The Badger

4. Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist

5. Hell on Wheels

Top Documentaries about Climbing

1. Free Solo

2. Dawn Wall

Top Documentaries about CrossFit

1. Redeemed and Dominant 

2. Fittest on Earth


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