Strength & Speed

"If you want something you never had, you have to be willing to do something you have never done."


Team members who achieve team bests will be listed in the records section below.

Just as the criteria section gives our athletes specific goals to improve, the records section does the same making our athletes focus on improving with an exact mark on the wall to shoot for. 

To have your name listed you must be a current or past member of Strength & Speed. 

Strength Records
 Jared- 515 lbs.
Leah: 180 lbs.
 James- 325 lbs.
Leah: 115 lbs.
 James- 500 lbs.
Leah: 245 lbs.
 Total (Squat/Bench/Dead) in one lifting session
 Jared- 1180 lbs.
Leah: 540 lbs.
Speed Records
 1 Mile
  Justin: 4:43 Hatchet Dream 2014
  Nathan: 16:32 Swing into Summer 5k 2015
Serra: 21:34 Wilmington 5k 2015
  Justin: 35:43 Pow Wow Days 2014
 Half Marathon
  Justin: 1:19:07 Journey's Half Marathon 2016
Serra: 1:45:40 BAA Half Marathon 2013
  Evan: 2:57:18 Marquette Marathon 2014
Serra: 4:05:59 Boston Marathon 2014
 50 Miler
  Evan: 9:58 Old Dominion 50 2007
 100 Miler
  Nathan Thiel: 23:11:37 Canal Corridor 
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 Sprint Triathlon
  Nathan Thiel: 1:29:28  2018 Columbus Tri at Alumn Creek
 Olympic Triathlon
 Half Iron Triathlon
 Iron-distance Triathlong
OCR Records
 Most Overall OCR Wins in a Year
  Nathan: 5 in 2015
  Ashley: 8 in 2016
  Most OCR Podiums in a Year
  Evan: 11 in 2017
  Ashley: 14 in 2016
 OCR Miles in a Week
  Evan: OCR America- 161 Miles
  Sam: TM Michigan- 44 miles
 OCR Miles in a Year
  Sty: 481 miles in 2016
  Sam: 246 miles in 2015
  Most 24 Hour OCRs in One Year
  Evan: 6 in 365 days (top 10 in all)
 Most OCR Events in a Year
  Sty: 50 in 2016
  Sam: 26 in 2016
  Leah: 26 in 2015
  Serra: 26 in 2015
 Most Tough Mudder (laps) in a Year
  Jordan: 26 in 2014
  Sam: 15 in 2015
  Most Tough Mudder Laps in One Day
  Joel and Jordan: 4 (tied)
  Most World's Toughest Miles (cumulative)
  Evan: 315 (2014-2017)
  Leah: 100 miles (2016-2017)
 Most Spartan Trifectas in  Year
  Sty: 7 in 2016
  Sam: 4 in 2016
 OCR Streak (Most weeks of at least one OCR a weekend)
 Chris: 6 in 2016
  Leah: 4 weeks
  Serra: 4 weeks
 Burpees in one Minute
  Chris Balven
  Leah: 22