Strength & Speed

"If you want something you never had, you have to be willing to do something you have never done."

Strength & Speed Teams

These are some of the phenomenal athletes that represent Strength & Speed at various team events.

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2021 S&S Development Team

Jaeme Simmons

If you are from the Kansas City area, you probably know one of the KCOCR admins Jaeme. She supports a ton of brands both by racing at their events and doing behind the scenes work that many people will never see, making her a vital part of the OCR industry including brands like Conquer The Gauntlet, Battle of the Lions and spreading the word on local brands like KC Timber Challenge.  Reaching 50 miles at Virtual World’s Toughest Mudder, she has her sights set on their 2021 event in Laughlin, Nevada as well as completing the Dallas, Spartan Beast. 
However, her biggest goals in 2021 are the MR340 (the longest canoe race in the USA) and finishing 50 miles at World’s Toughest Mudder.

Akash Garg

You may remember Akash from when he teamed up with Strength & Speed owner Evan Perperis for the win at Toughest Mudder West at the end of 2019. Akash is a strong masters athlete who races everything from short course to ultra (although he prefers the latter). He is a regular on the ultra-podium with 10xBonefrog elite podiums, a Masters elite podium at Savage Race, an elite podium at the fan favorite FIT Challenge Ultra and Frontline OCR (ultra category). Plus, he finished fist in the open Spartan US National Series and first in Age Group competitive Spartan Ultra Series in 2019.  All you younger OCR racers prepare to but put in your place, Masters athlete coming through.

Natalie Williamson

The 2018 winner of  Tough Mudder Missouri, hybrid athlete Natalie is heavily focused on Conquer The Gauntlet and Savage Race.  Natalie has been running OCR since 2013. A multi-sport athlete her background including everything from running to boxing along with figure competitions and even some dodge ball. Look for her at Midwest based OCRs, at 5 ft. 10 in. tall, she’ll be the one above you…literally and in the overall standings.

Tim Holt

If you race World’s Toughest Mudder you may be familiar with our next athlete. Tim is a 3x 50+ mile finisher at World’s Toughest Mudder with personal best of 75 miles and a 23rd place finish. Don’t let his ultra accomplishments fool you though, Tim is as strong as he is fast. Possessing an 8 out of 10 on our strength scale to accompany his 10/10 on our speed scale.  Look for him at major race series in 2021 including brands like Spartan, Tough Mudder and of course...OCR World Championships.

Malena Peel

If the Malena from a couple of years ago walked past you on the street you wouldn’t recognize her. She knows hard work and has put in a lot of it creating a dramatic weight loss forming her into the athlete she is today. While not at 100% obstacle completion yet, she gets better every race and knows consistency and effort is the name of the game. She finished 3rd at the KCOCR Throwdown Challenge in 2020 and is looking to score a podium at one of the local races in 2021!

Freddie Thompson III

Freddie is a regular top 15 finisher in all of his races and occasionally makes it to the overall elite podium. He’s raced with Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Randi Lackey and her team to finish 2nd in the team event at CTG. Freddie holds the record for most laps at a Conquer The Gauntlet Continuum finishing an astounding 7 laps!!!  Freddie is running some of our favorite races in 2021 including
Indian Mud Run, Conquer The Gauntlet, Savage Race and of course, OCR World Championships.

Aimee Aikens

Some people get injured and decide to call it the end of their hobby or athletic career. Not Aimee. This KCOCR regular has been recovering from an ACL surgery for the last year (and one on the other leg three years ago) but remains persistent. She’s not quite finished with her elite finisher’s band but is capable of moving around some serious weight including a 200 lbs. squat and deadlift. Besides being an OCR athlete, she also trains for mixed martial arts and is a black belt in multiple disciplines including a third degree in both Okinawan Kenpo, Okinawan Kobujitsu (weapons), and first degree in GoJu Ryu and Tun Soon Ryu. Aimee still hopes to get in the ring for an amateur fight when her knee starts cooperating again.  Look for her at local races like the Cookie Run 5k, HYROX and Conquer The Gauntlet.

Cutler Holland

For many of us fitness is a hobby or part of our lifestyle. For Cutler, it is part of what keeps him alive as he prepares for combat. Most of his background is in military competitions winning events like 2015 Army Reserves/National Guard Sapper Stakes, winning his 2018 Battalion Best Warrior Competition and the 2020 416th TEC Best Warrior competition. He has a great lineup in 2021 mostly centered around Tough Mudder and is looking to improve on his team’s 2018 2nd place finish in the 4-man relay category of World’s Toughest Mudder.

2020 S&S Development Team

The Strength & Speed Development team continues to grow made better every year by the athletes within the group.  This year we added another set of great athletes some who regularly land on the pro podium and others who are just trying to keep their band at races.  The common theme is a desire to take your performance to the next level though.  Here is who is new to the team for 2020:

Gary Shaw

A veteran of World’s Toughest Mudder who owns several 50 mile brown bibs, he loves beer and running.  The champion of several beer miles and a Western States Qualifier (after finishing the Georgia Death Race in under 22 hours).

His 2019 highlights include: 

Georgia Death Race Beer Mile 1st Overall

Knock on Wood 100 Mile 1st Male

Shamrox Beer Mile 2nd Overall

Fast and the Furriest Canicross 5k 1st Overall

Post Oak Heavy Marathon, 50k, Heavy Marathon Challenge 2nd Male

Swamp Stomper 50k 3rd Male

Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd 8th Overall 23:06:37

24 Hour Enduro World Championship 12th Elite Male  127.6km

Rachel Watters

Our first female addition to the 2020 Development Team is OCR Pro Rachel Watters.  She’s been crushing it for years at all distances and has been focusing increasingly on endurance recently.  She’s an amazing athlete but I don’t need to tell you that, just look at these finishes from 2019!

1st Place Pro Female Barbarian Challenge June 2019

2nd Place Elite Atlanta Spartan Sprint October 2019

3rd Place Elite Killington Spartan Ultra September 2019

3rd Place Elite Atlanta Spartan Super October 2019

3rd Place Elite Atlanta Spartan Spring April 2019

3rd Place Pro Female GA Fall Savage 2019

4th Place Elite Aspen Spartan Ultra August 2019

5th Place Elite Asheville Spartan Super July 2019

5th Place Female World’s Toughest Mudder (14 laps)

Watch for her crushing races appearing on the podium throughout the south eastern part of the USA.  Watch out ladies, she has her sights set on a 1st place for some Spartan races as well as competing in several Ultra-OCRs including Spartan Ultra-Beast and World’s Toughest Mudder.

Chris McLeod

Make some room on the overall podium, for Chris McLeod.  You may recognize him from the two man relay podiums of World’s Toughest Mudder where him and his teammate finished 2nd overall with 100 miles.

We could say more but we will just let the results speak for themselves:


World’s Toughest Mudder 2 Man Relay 2nd Place

Toughest Mudder Central 2nd Place

Spartan Nashville Sprint 4th Elite

Spartan Nashville Super 5th Elite

Spartan Ohio Beast 11th Elite


Spartan Atlanta Sprint: 2nd Place Elite

Spartan Carolina Ultra: 3rd Place Elite

Spartan Nashville Super: 5th Place Elite

Spartan Chicago Beast: 9th Place Elite

Ian Pereira

2020 Development Team athlete Ian Pereira has been tearing up the Midwest all year long running races like Conquer The Gauntlet (where he earned the Centurion medal after doing 4xCTG Ultra-OCRs), Dauntless Assault Primal Fear local OCR, earning a Spartan Trifecta and a Bonefrog Trident.

He’s looking to take his racing to the next level in 2020 including belting at CTG, reducing his 5k time by a couple of minutes and increasing his endurance.  Watch for him at Midwest races including Savage Race, CTG, Rugged Maniac, KC Timber Challenge and Bonefrog Challenge Dallas.

Trina Fox

Trina has been representing KOR Komplex for the last couple of years (which sadly closed at the end of 2019).  In 2018 she had four Age Group Spartan podiums and four Age Group Spartan top ten finishes.  She’s continues to improve in her AG as well as finishing on a couple of overall podiums last year. 

Here are some of her highlights from 2019:

  1. Bonefrog/GBC Dallas 1st place 6 mile Elite challenge
  2. KCOCR’s Feel the Burn 3rd place Elite
  3. Spartan Austin Sprint 2nd place age group
  4. Spartan Fort Campbell Sprint 2nd place age group
  5. Rugged Maniac KC 6th place Elite


She’s shown consistent improvement over the last couple of years and in 2020 she’s got some big plans to run CTG, Indian Mud Run, Savage Race Chicago as well as a hand full of Spartan’s like the Fort Campbell Honor Series race…and of course the big show in Vermont, OCR World Championships.

Alan Hale

Alan has been a long time member of the #CTGFamily.  This firefighter has been running OCR for several years competitive in his age group including 2019’s 3rd Place AG in Savage Blitz Pro in TX, 2nd Place AG in Thunderdash and even finishing 3rd place overall in the Jurassic Trail 5k.


He’s got some big goals in 2020 including completing CTG with his elite belt, finishing 3rd place at the multi-lap CTG Continuum and earning his Bonefrog Trident.  Look for him at all the major brands coming through Texas, Savage, CTG and Spartan. 

Jen Cochrane

Jen has been racing OCR for several years throughout the Midwest including going to the one and only US OCR Championships in Texas (2017).  She’s focused on obstacle completion in 2020 and we are excited to help her crush that goal.  Look for her at Conquer The Gauntlet races as well as Rugged Maniac and Savage Race.


However, we are more excited by what she does off the race course.  As a middle school teacher, she is a sponsor of the OCR club at her school.  OCR has a future because of athletes like her who are actively bringing in the next generation into the sport.

Matthew Knight

In between racing elite at Spartan Races he sprinkles in road races.  In 2019, he finished in the top 20 elite at Spartan Fenway on both Saturday and Sunday.  Add in a podium finish in the open waves of Savage Blitz MA and some solid performances in Spartan Sprints and Stadiums.  Matthew has some speed in him as shown by North Canal Classic 5K (Lawrence, MA) – 1st overall (17:38) and Commitment Day 5k (Burlington, MA) – 1st (18:09)


Watch for him tearing up short course races like FIT Challenge, Jersey City Challenge, Bonefrog, Savage and of course the epic OCRWC in Stratton Vermont.

Tabbie Wood

One of KCOCR’s own, she’s been on a steady path of improvement as long as we have known her.  This type of persistence is what we love and is more impressive than being born with exceptional talent.  


Her goals for 2020 are largely endurance focused with plans to earn a brown bib at World’s Toughest Mudder, completing Conquer The Gauntlet Continuum, racing Savage Race and running the new OCRWC qualifier KC Timber Challenge.

2019 S&S Development Team

2019's applicant pool had the most number of applicants and highest quality of applicants we have ever seen.  Thank you everyone that applied and if you didn't get selected, stay motivated and apply again next year.  Here is the list of the eight athletes on the 2019 Dev Team:

Brian Fisher

Brian already started his race season a couple weekends ago at The Abominable Snow Race in Wisconsin. Brian is a regular on the AG podium and even has a solid number of overall podiums at events like Dirt Runner. Not just an athlete he has also worked on the support side of the sport including build crew, helping with race organization, photography and volunteering. He's a true representative of what it means to be part of the OCR Community.

Look for him at the following short courses in 2019: Indian Mud Run, Green Beret Challenge and Conquer The Gauntlet.

And our favorite...some long course events like The Ultimate SUCK 2019 and World's Toughest Mudder (Tough Mudder).

Casey Johnson

Strength & Speed was built on principles of stealing lessons from other we added a former Pro Mixed Martial Arts fighter to the team, Casey Johnson. With a background in both Brazilian Jujitsu and Boxing he had an amateur MMA record of 11-1 and a pro record of 5-5.

With MMA behind him, he is now focusing on Crossfit (strength) and OCR (speed). You might recognize his face from several team podiums with another S&S athlete, Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team nutritionist Luc Labonte.

Watch for him at races in 2019 including Bonefrog, Legend Race, Savage Race, Spartan Race, Terrain Race as well as a handful of local road races.

Heather Cammarata

Heather is the kind of athlete that makes us proud to be an OCR athlete. She’s been racing since 2013 with elite podiums in events like Spartan Sprint all the way up to Vermont Spartan Beast, as well as some local brands like Shale Hill and Viking Obstacle Race at Sunny Hill Resort & Golf Course.

6/8/13 – Tri-State NY Spartan Sprint 3rd Place Elite Female
9/22/13 – Spartan Ultra Beast, Killington VT (2nd age group 5th overall Elite)
9/20/14 – Vermont Spartan Beast Sunday – 1st place Elite Female
10/25/14 – OCR World Championships, Ohio 1st in Age Group Winner
10/30/14 – Broken Skull Challenge episode was filmed Aired in Jan. 2015
11/15/14 - World’s Toughest Mudder 50 Miles (2nd age group 15th overall female)
5/30/15 – Ohio Spartan Beast 1st Place Elite Women’s Masters
5/31/15 – Ohio Spartan Spring 1st Place Elite Women’s Masters
6/6/15 – Tri-State NY Spartan Sprint #2 2nd Place Elite Women’s Masters
6/13/15 – Viking Obstacle Race 1st Place Elite Female
8/1/15 – DC Spartan Sprint 3rd Place Elite Women’s Masters
8/6/16 – 24-Hours Shale Hell 1st Place Female
9/24/16 – Virginia Spartan Super 3rd Place Elite Women’s Masters
10/2/16 – Lake Tahoe Spartan Beast Sunday 3rd Elite Female 1st Masters
11/12/16 – World’s Toughest Mudder (4th in age group)
10/6/18 – Tri-State Tougher Tough Mudder (2nd age group, 8th overall female)
11/10/18 – World’s Toughest Mudder (6th age group, 18th overall female)

Another athlete who proves she is not only tough, as shown on Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge but also smart, NSCA, Crossfit and SGX certified. A huge asset to the team she is someone that lives the fitness lifestyle to the fullest.

Josh Harding

If you are member of the #CTGFamily, you might recognize Josh as a regular of CTG as well as being a local of Tulsa, OK. Josh has killer grip strength and is almost always on the podium of the Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team Takeover ninja courses. Josh’s focus in 2019 will be heavy on the short course and ninja side. With a big focus being qualifying for UNAA regionals by competing in competitions in Tulsa, OK; Springfield, MO; and Fayetteville, AR.

On the OCR side, expect to see him at four Conquer The Gauntlets (earning the Centurion medal), Tough Mudder MO, Terrain Race OK, Savage Race Florida and Dallas, as well as several OK based road races

Morgan Schulz

If you are looking for the female on the team that embodies both Strength & Speed, then look no further. Morgan Schulz, the newest member of the S&S Development Team, is a 10 on strength and 10 on speed on our criteria scale. Coming off her collegiate running career, she is ready to throw down at OCR events.

She’s not just an amazing athlete but a huge value added to the group on the intellect side. She graduates this May with a degree in exercise science and plans to attend Physician Assistant school soon after.

Expect to see her competing the top prizes at events like the Spartan Stadium Series and Tough Mudder X (dates pending).

Sam Papanakis

If you want a Spartan racer, you can’t go wrong than someone with who is Greek (and part of OCR Greece). Plus, like all good Greeks he is a chef (team dinner anyone?).

This North Carolina resident can bee seen racing any Spartan race within driving distance as well as some smaller brands like finishing 1st at the Legend Race in 2015, 3rd at Green Beret Challenge NC in 2018 and 10th at Savage Race Charlotte in 2018.

After some injuries in the past, he is ready to tackle 2019. Keep on eye on him at more Spartans in 2019 as well as possibly North American Obstacle Course Racing Championships (seriously…S&S plus friends of S&S dinner?).

Kelly Williams

You might already know Kelly Wiliams as one of the top five finishers at Toughest Mudder Michigan or as a regular on OCR podiums all across the Midwest. Usually racing in a Neptune Performance Products top she is always a threat for the top spot.

I don’t think we need to say much more, her 2018 results speak for themselves:

The Abominable Snow Race 1st Place Female Masters
Bealuh 9 Hr Trail race 2nd female
Castlewood Cup Trail Race 2nd Place age group
Battlegrounds 3rd place Elite female
Toughest Mudder Midwest 5th Place Female
Dark To Dawn 6 hr trail Race 2nd place female overall
Green Beret Challenge 1st Place Female
Tough Mudder: Tougher Chicago 5th place female
North American Obstacle Course Racing Championships Team Event 4th Place team elite females
Chicago Spartan Beast 1st place age group
Warrior Dash KC 1st Place elite female
Green Beret Challenge Team event 2nd Place Coed Division
World’s Toughest Mudder 2018 13th Place female overall

#crushingit #neptuneheat

Lisa Goulding

Lisa, based out of Boston, is an endurance focused OCR athlete with a top 11 finish at 2018’s World’s Toughest Mudder. She is an Age Group podium regular with top three finishes at 2018’s WTM, Tri State Super, Tougher Northeast, Killington Spartan Ultra-Beast, Terrain Race Boston (also an overall podium) and Bonefrog MA.

Watch for her at races this year including Spartan Ultra-Beast, Tough Mudder's Toughest East, Northface Endurance Challenge and Spartan Killington Ultra-Beast as well as (we predict in the top ten) at World’s Toughest Mudder.

2018 S&S Development Team

The S&S Dev Team is a group of OCR athletes that have a strong desire to improve.  Unlike a regular club, the athletes on this team are all actively pursuing improvement.  Some are new to OCR, some are age group athletes looking to join the elite wave and others are elites looking to climb higher towards the podium.  

Justin Weisgerber

Pre Dev Team: Expect to see him on the courses of most of the Conquer The Gauntlet races in 2018, as well as The Battlegrounds, Rugged Maniac and Warrior Dash in the KC area. With a top 20 finish at two CTG races in 2017 he plans on improving this year so he is ready for OCR World Championships in the UK this Fall.  

Post-Dev Team:
KC Corporate Challenge 5k - 23:10 PR
Battlegrounds top 25
Murph WOD for Memorial Day - 53:20 (PR with 20lb vest)
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification
Rugged Maniac KC - Top 10
Became OCR Director at my gym, host OCR classes Sundays @ 3pm

George Curtis

Pre Dev Team: Based out of North Carolina, his goals for 2018 include competitive racing at Savage Race, Bonefrog and Spartan in the NC area.

2017 Results include:

1st Place Age Group – Indian Mud Run

3rd Place Pro Team – Ohio Savage Race: Luc LeBonte, Patrick Gorby

7th Overall / 1st Age Group Competitive Heat – Ohio Spartan Sprint

Post Dev Team:

2nd Place Legend Race

3rd Place Terrain Race (cash prize)

Jake Diehl

Pre Dev Team: Jake is stronger on the speed side with a half marathon PR time of 1:29.

2017 Results include: 

6x AG OCR Podiums, 2x 4th Place AG Spartan Finishes 2x overall podiums at 10k road races and a 12th place finish at Rugged Maniac Atlanta. Formerly of Kansas City, Jake is ready to tear up the east coast in 2018 competing at races in and around North Carolina and Georgia including Spartan, Warrior Dash, Terrain plus a couple of Midwest favorites including Conquer The Gauntlet and The Battlegrounds.

Post Dev Team:

4th Place (1st AG) Bull Moon 5k
2nd in AG Whitewater Center Trail Race
5th Overall: Hawk Hundred(50 miler)- 10:14 - First Ultra

3rd Place  Male Team Green Beret Challenge Commando- KC

4th Place Terrain Race NC

5th Place Terrain Race VA Beach

7th Place Terrain Race ATL

5th Place at 3xLegend Races
24th Overall (11th AG) The Battlegrounds

25th Overall Elite Spartan Spartanburg Ultra

13th in AG Spartan Super Asheville

17th Spartan Charlotte Sprint (Sat)

18th Spartan Charlotte Sprint (Sun)

23rd in AG Spartan Fayetteville Super

Kevin Reiseck

Pre Dev Team: Kevin qualified for OCR World Championships last year at The Battlegrounds in addition to some solid top five age group finishes throughout the year. He’s a long time OCR athlete with a 7th place AG finish at 2014 OCRWC and a 14th place AG finish at 2015 OCRWC. 

Also has a history of top ten finishes including:

1st place at Colossal Crusher in 2014

2nd place at Sandmine Challenge 2014

4th place at The Battlegrounds in 2013

5th place at Mud Mayhem in 2012

Kevin is another athlete that not only brings a great attitude and dedicated athletic performance to the team but also brings his a solid knowledge base. He is a certified athletic trainer (ATC) and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) in addition to owning a gym for 8 years.

Recovering from injury at the end of last year, he is motivated to crush it in 2018!

Post Dev Team:

1st place OA The Battlegrounds 5K (OCRWC 2018 Qualifier) 

2nd place OA The Crusher Race 5K.

11th place OA Terrain Race St. Louis.

 Top 20 OA Rugged Maniac Kansas City.

4th place AG Green Beret Challenge Operators Course St. Louis.

NorAm Champs Finished with band in 3K and Team event.

Apple Harvest 5K 8th OA and 2nd AG while pushing 3 year old son

Phillip Andrew

Pre Dev Team: Our newest American Ninja Warrior Veteran!

2nd place OA finisher Black Diamond obstacle course Memorial Day Mayhem

2nd Place OA Viking Dash 15k Trail run

5th Place OA Mud Ninja, 2nd AG

6th place OA Conquer the Gauntlet- XTC Kansas City

7th place Ranking for the total race series Dirt Days trail run series

10th place OA Indian Mud Run

29th OA Savage OH

25 miles at Toughest Mudder Midwest

Not only a great athlete but we think he has the best beard in OCR right now. Whether you are staring at him flying through obstacles or mesmerized by his beard, we can guarantee you will be staring in his direction in 2018.

Post Dev Team:

ANW National Finalist
1st Place OA War X Arctic Fever
2nd place total series points Topo Trail trail run series
3rd place OA Black Diamond OCR
2nd place team War X Apocalypse
3 way tie for 1st Place War X jungle ops
24th OA Savage race OH
29th OA Spartan Sprint Indy

Alexis Buford

Pre Dev Team:  This ninja specialist is planning some big improvements in OCR in 2018 after her 1st place finish in the 3k Journeyman division of OCR World Championships.

2017 highlights include:

1st Journeyman at OCR World Championships


10th CTG Des Moines (1st in AG)

8th in AG at Arizona Spartan Super

Besides being great on obstacles, she brings another level of knowledge to the S&S team. She is currently certified in RockTape taping and IASTM techniques. In the next couple of years she will graduate from chiropractic school in addition to learning other recovery modalities such as myofascial release, dry needling and dynamic neuromuscular stabilization and sports screening for injury performance. Not to mention she is a great ambassador for the sport since she teaches weekly at Apex Climbing Gym in Kansas City where she teaches OCR every Thursday.

Post Dev Team:

1 AG Savage Houston (first AG podium)
4th AG North American OCR Championships- 100% completion (lost band last year at worlds for 15k)
4th Place AG Spartan Phoenix
13th Place AG North American OCR Championships  

Jacob Stone

Pre Dev Team: He’s an obstacle expert that has been working hard to improve his running. With lots of top 20 finishes last year, we think this is the year he breaks into the top with more consistency 10 and walks away with a couple of podium finishes. Here are his results from 2017:

     6th CTG Little Rock

     10th CTG-XTC Kansas City

     16th CTG Tulsa

     17th CTG Wichita

     18th CTG Des Moines

     19th CTG OKC

     21st CTG Atlanta

Expect to see him at lots of Conquer The Gauntlet races along with a couple of other Midwest races including Big Red Challenge in Lincoln, Nebraska, Terrain Race Tulsa and the final The Battlegrounds race. Keep an eye out because this truck driver is going to go over the top in 2018.

Post Dev Team:

2017 S&S Development Team

Luc Labonte

Besides being an OCR athlete Luc is also a registered dietitian, personal trainer and wellness coach. A true S&S Athlete Luc's background also includes some competitive bodybuilding!

Post-Dev Team:

Ohio Savage Race (Savage Pro Heat): contributor to 3rd Place Pro Team Award (team “Kent Touch This”), 15/55 Age Group (27%), 62/307 Overall Pro (20%)

Ohio Mud Ninja (timed/elite heat): 2nd age group, 26th overall

Ohio Spartan Sprint (competitive heat): 2nd age group, 12th overall

• 15k (with DQs taken out): Males 25-29: 140/248 (56%), Overall Age Group/PRO: 841/2263 (37%)
• Strength leg of Open Male Team heat (team “Kent Touch This”),: 46/144 (32%)

Serra Riley

Pre-Dev Team: 

3rd Elite Spartan Sprint Boston Sunday
5th Elite Spartan Super Boston Saturday
7th Elite Spartan Super Boston Sunday
8th Elite Spartan Sprint Boston Saturday
8th FIT Challenge
22nd Elite Spartan NJ Beast

Post-Dev Team:

1st place female F.I.T. 5 hr multi-lap (FIRST ULTRA-OCR WIN)
1st place Tougher Mudder VT (FIRST CASH PODIUM)
1st place Tougher Mudder NH (PR FOR OVERALL WINS IN A YEAR)

3rd female F.I.T 8 hr multi-lap

5th place Tougher Mudder East Coast Champs NJ

10th place NorthFace challenge trail marathon

11th elite female Dallas Spartan UltraBeast  

12th elite spartan sprint
12th elite spartan super
18th elite female Spartan Beast VT

Leah Sandel Hensley

Pre-Dev Team: 

1st Battlegrounds Spring Sprint Course
2nd All Female Team Green Beret Challenge in St. Louis
50 miles at World's Toughest Mudder
6th Elite BattleFrog Chicago
9th BFX 24
10th Battlegrounds Spring Race

Post-Dev Team: 

1st overall female- DRX 6hr (FIRST OVERALL WIN) 
1st AG- Tougher Mudder Chicago

2nd overall female- Colossal Crusher Race
3rd AG Competitive wave-Spartan ATL Sprint
3rd AG- Green Beret ATL
4th AG- The Battlegrounds Elite wave
5th overall open female Team- OCRWC
7th AG- Toughest Mudder South
10th overall female- Rugged Maniac ATL
10th AG- WTM 50miles

Nathan Thiel

Pre-Dev Team:

1st 2016 Sports for Sound OCR

6th at the Indian Mud Run

7th at Mud, Guts and Glory

-a top 300 athlete in the Spartan Points series and finishing 50 miles at BFX24.

Post-Dev Team: 

100 miler S&S Team record = 23:11:37 @ Canal Corridor (FIRST 100 MILER)
1st place overall Sports for Sound 5k XC (BACK TO BACK WINS)

2nd place overall Hardcore Mud Run (FIRST CASH PODIUM)
3rd place overall White Gravel Mines 5k XC
7th place overall Super Bull 50K
8th place overall Mud Ninja
9th place overall Camp Tuscazoar Adventure race
9th place overall Run For Home 10K
18th place elite Savage Race Ohio
24th place age group OCRWC 15K
24th elite Spartan Sprint Ohio
38th place age group OCRWC 3K

William Shell

William is a 5x NCAA All-American, USATFCCCA Central Region Athlete of the Year and NCAA D2 Track and Field Academic All-American of the Year. In 2016, he finished 2nd at the USATF Outdoor 400m and 10th at the indoor 400m.  He has also run an Olympic qualifying time in the big deal.


Crusher 2- 1st OA

Warrior Dash KC 10th OA
CTG Little Rock 12th OA 5 AG
Rugged Maniac KC 13th OA
Battlegrounds 27th OA 8th AG
OCRWC 3k 32nd AG

Kat Ratcliff

Post-Dev Team:

Rookie season racing OCR and ninja:

American Ninja Warrior Season 9- San Antonio (FIRST ANW)

Rockford Ninja Warrior- 5th Female Overall


Conquer the Gauntlet- 3rd place Elite (FIRST CASH PRIZE AND ELITE PODIUM)

US OCR Championships- 2nd place Age Group (FIRST NATIONAL PODIUM)  

OCRWC- 10th place overall co-ed team relay

Spartan Sprint- 1st place Women's competitive (FIRST SPARTAN RACE)

OCRWC- 5K & 15k- 13th in both for Age Group

2017 OCR World Championships- Pro Coed Team

Team Strength & Speed entered the Pro-Coed Division of the 2017 OCR World Championships.  With Evan Perperis on the speed leg, Ryan Owen on the strength leg and Kat Ratcliff on the technique the team walked away with a top 10 finish in the world.  

2017 Conquer The Gauntlet- Tulsa Team Race

Strength & Speed fielded a team for the first ever Conquer The Gauntlet Team Race in Tulsa, OK.  A team made up of Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Randi Lackey, Link Endurance/24hr Terrain Relay athlete Miles Keller, Freddie Thompson and Trevor Zimmerman had a strong showing finishing 2nd overall.  To hear about the event, check out Strength & Speed podcast Episode 27 with Randi Lackey.  

2017 Terrain Racing 24 Hour Relay Team

Strength & Speed finished 2nd at the first ever Terrain Relay 24 hour.  After closing in on first several times throughout the night, closing the gap to six minutes at one point, the first place team finally pulled away at hour 20.  

The team including Miles Keller, Chris Polito, Ryan Owen and Evan Perperis performed great covering 140+ miles between the four athletes.  Don't miss all the details on Episode 12 of the Strength & Speed podcast.  

Miles Keller

Miles Keller is a competitive OCR athlete whom resides in Keller, TX but is from all over the south. Miles started out to get fit and then evolved into pursuing OCR podium dreams with a passion, drive, and burning desire to keep going that he can't explain. When Miles Keller isn't competing for the podium in the first wave of the day, he enjoys going back through the open waves to take pictures for race reviews, and most of all helping everyone along the way. First two podium finishes were last year at terrain ft worth, and an external trail run. If you ever ramped off a guy's back to get over the wall, that was probably Miles' back. Miles Is an Obstacle Warriors pro team member and regularly competes in ninja competitions. Miles Keller also co-hosts the Link Endurance podcast. With the words "yell at me" usually in sharpie on his chest and back he truly is an OCR addict

Chris Polito

This father of two and endurance enthusiast training with Yancy Camp is ready to crush the course. His motto of "always chasing the win and never giving in" Will be needed this weekend.

Recent race highlights include:

2016 Rugged Maniac 3rd place finisher

2017 OCRWC Pro Qualifier

2017 11th place 50k Aravaipa Coldwater Rumble 50k finisher

Ryan Owen

This up and coming OCR athlete is still young but already has a couple of podium finishes to his name including Rugged Maniac and Terrain Race.

2016 S&S Development Team

      Kevin A. Hill

Pre-Dev Team:
4th at the Hammer Race in MN
6th at BattleFrog Series BFX Chicago
9th at Warrior Dash MN
22nd at Spartan Race Sprint (Elite)

Post-Dev Team 
3rd Hammer Race
5th Rugged Maniac MN
8th Terrain Race MN (official-disputed)
9th MDRA Mudball Classic
15th Spartan Sprint MN
120th San Diego Rock'n'Roll Marathon (3:12:15)

Josh Rundquist

Pre-Dev Team:
22nd in 10k Turkey Trail Trot
7th in Age Group Milwaukee Spartan Stadium Sprint (Elite)
10th in AG Minnesota Spartan Sprint (Elite)
12th in AG Chicago Spartan Super (Elite)

Post Dev Team (2016 Results):
5th place overall -MN BFX
10th place overall - WI Warrior Dash 
13th place overall - MN Rugged Maniac

31st Ov 6th AG MN - Alina Health (trail 12.5 K) 
44th overall - IA CTG 
195th Pro Division - 35th Open Team Division - OCRWC -October 2016

Chris Balven

Pre-Dev Team:
2nd Colossal Crusher (Crossfit style competition mixed with a 10k OCR)
7th The Battlegrounds Fall Race
11th Fugitive Run
21st Mud Ninja
21st Vermont Spartan Race Sprint (Elite)
23rd Savage Race Ohio (Elite)
66th Spartan Beast Dallas (Elite)

Post Dev Team (2016 Results):
4th place overall - Colossal Crusher 10k
4th Place - DRX Games @ Dirt Runner
16th Overall - Big Dawg Dare
21st Overall - Rugged Maniac KC
34th Elite - BF Cincinnati (6th age)
37th Competitive - Spartan Beast Dallas
59th Elite - 17 AG - Chicago Spartan Sprint

Logan Nagle

Pre-Dev Team:
1st Tangle with Zombies 5k Trail Race
3rd Newbsanity Frozen Four Miler (Bathing Suit Division)
6th Hero’s Run in Elmira, NY
6th (3rd Age Group) Newbsanity Extreme Ravine
7th Newbsanity Mud Gauntlet
11th Warrior Dash NY
18th Overall (7th AG) Spartan College Classic at Cornell
25th (4th AG) Green Monster 25k Trail Race

Post-Dev Team:

1st Newbsanity Extreme Ravine 15k

2nd Newbsanity Mud Gauntlet

2nd Newbsanity Frozen Four

3rd Hardcore Mudd Run Extreme PA

6th Shale Hill 8Hour Polar Bear 

6th Rugged Maniac New Jersey

9th  Warrior Dash NY

10th Catherine Valley Trail Half Marathon

12th  Glassfest 8k

14t Spartan UltraBeast Killington

11th place open male team at OCRWC

15th Male(3rd Age Group, 1st American in Age Group) at WTM 2016 (80 Miles)

Finisher on History Channel’s The Selection: Special Operations Experiment (Roster #19)

Jason Goggins

Pre Dev Team:
3rd The Arctic Dash at YMCA Camp Kern
1st AG (11th Overall) Spartan Race Sprint Ohio
2nd AG (17th Overall) Mud Guts & Glory
3rd AG (23rd Overall) Mud Ninja
3rd Overall, 1st Masters - Camp Kern Arctic Dash 

Post Dev Team (2016 Results):
3rd Overall, 1st Masters - Mud Guts and Glory 
3rd Overall, 2nd Masters - Black Swamp Dash 

4th Overall, 1st Masters - Indian Mud Run 
11th Overall, 1st Masters - Mud Ninja 
21st Overall, 3rd Masters - Mud Guts and Glory II 
31st Overall, 8 in age group - Ohio Spartan Sprint 10th Overall Masters - OCRWC Short Course 
269th Overall, 38th in Age Group - OCRWC Long Course

3 overall podiums; 6 masters podiums (3 wins)

Sam Oleskey

Pre Dev Team:
2nd Open Wave Spartan Race OH
5th at a Savage Race
25 miles at WTM

Post Dev Team (2016 Results):
1st place- Sports for Sound 5k OCR
2nd place – Spartan Race Carolina Sprint
2nd place – Indian Mud Run

4th place – Mud, Guts, & Glory 
5th place – Spartan Race Boston Super
6th place - Mud, Guts, & Glory 
6th place – Fools 50k
6th place – Spartan Race Ohio Beast
7th place – Savage Race Ohio
7th place – Spartan Race Carolina Beast
8th place – Spartan Race Ohio Sprint
8th place – Spartan Pittsburgh Sprint
8th place – Spartan Tahoe Ultra Beast
9th place – Spartan Race Boston Sprint

Nuno Martins

S&S's first international athlete with finishes atSpartan Race Portugal, Survivors Run Portugal and AMARES Urban Fit in 2015. Hailing from Portugal, be sure to look for him at events like Iron Brain Race, ARRÁBIDA CHALLENGE,Farinato Race - Portugal, Wolfrace 2016.

2016 OCRWC Relay Team

S&S Ultra finished 35th overall in the Pro Men Division at the 2016 Obstacle Course Racing World Championship.

Check out the 2017 announcement video with S&S Ultra at around 2:18 and 2:22 into the video. 

2015 Obstacle Course World Championship Teams

Strength & Speed- Mid America
S&S Mid-America finished 27th out of the Elite Male Teams at the 2015 OCRWC.  

Cody "Manbun" Peyton:

2015 Highlights

Conquer the Gauntlet Tulsa: 2nd
Conquer the Gauntlet Little Rock: 3rd
Mud Run Guide's Summer Splash: 3rd
Rugged Maniac Kansas City: 6th
Conquer the Gauntlet Wichita: 6th
Spartan Race Chicago: 8th
Savage Race Ohio: 8th
Battlefrog Cincinnati: 18th

Devin Roberts:


Conquer the Gauntlet KC

Conquer the Gauntlet Wichita

Master's in Exercise Science

NCCPT- Certified Personal Trainer

2014  AFPA Heartland Championship- 1st Novice Lightweight Bodybuilding, 1st Overall Novice Bodybuilding, 1st Novice/Open Men’s Physique Class B

Nathan "Napalm" Palmer:

2015 Race Highlights

Conquer The Gauntlet Kansas City- 1st
Austin Spartan Sprint-1st...
Warrior Dash Tulsa-1st
The Fugitive Run; Mud Obstacle Course- 1st
Conquer the Gauntlet Wichita-1st
Conquer the Gauntlet OKC-2nd
Austin Spartan Sprint-2nd
Austin Spartan Super-2nd
Conquer the Gauntlet Tulsa-3rd
Austin Spartan Super-3rd
Atlas Race KC-7th
Spartan Race Stadium Sprint-8th
Spartan Super Chicago-10th
Battlefrog Dallas-11th

Strength & Speed- ERA
S&S ERA finished 10th out of the Elite Female Teams at the 2015 OCRWC.
On the individual day Ashley Samples won her age group and Erin Brooks finished 4th.  

Erin Brooks


2nd Mud, Guts and Glory

5th Spartan Stadium Sprint Tampa

7th Florida Savage Race


World Championships

Warrior Dash- 8th

OCRWC- 15th

1st Warrior Dash Ohio

1st Spartan Super Ohio

3rd Mud, Guts and Glory

Barbara Bass

Joining Strength & Speed from Team Sinergy is competitive athlete and ultra-runner Barbara Bass.

Ashley Samples


2nd Spartan Super Austin

3rd Battlefrog New Jersey

Currently ranked 4th in the Battlefrog Point Series 

Strength & Speed- Ignite
S&S Ignite finished 20th out of the Elite Male Teams at the 2015 OCRWC.  

Jordan Smith

193 mile Run Across Michigan in 3 days

3:10 Marathon PR

1:30 Half Marathon PR

7th Mud, Guts and Glory

25+X Tough Mudder

65 miles at World's Toughest Mudder 2014

Adam Baylor


2nd Rugged Maniac Southern Indiana

63rd Spartan Beast Ohio


4th Rugged Maniac Southern Indiana

4th Spartan Sprint Indiana

Icebug-OCRGear Sponsored Athlete and 2014 Strength & Speed OCRWC Athlete Kevin Righi

See below for previous race highlights.

STRENGTH & SPEED: 2015 Atlas Race KC Team

Evan Perperis:  See highlights in the S&S Founder Section.

Paul's 2014 Individual Race Highlights

2nd place age group finish in Waikiki Swim Club Biathlon Series 2014
7th place overall (3rd in age group) XTERRA Kauloa Ranch Trail Run 10K 2012
5th place overall military heavy Bataan Death March 2007
Numerous top three age group finishes in Olympic triathlons, sprint triathlons, 10k runs and 5k runs
Finished Inaugural Assault on Pikes Peak 2010 (bike ride up Pike’s Peak), Warrior Dash Colorado, MCBH Swamp Romp and Little Creek Mud Run

Paul's Team Accomplishments:

Ran Anchor for the 9th place team at the Honolulu Rainbow Ekiden relay race 2014
9th place 4 person open Adventure Xstream Moab 2011
Member of the 2010 Check Point Tracker National Championship, 4 person open champion team
Member of the 2nd place overall male team in the 2010 Pikes Peak Fall Series

Strength & Speed finished 3rd Overall in the Elite Teams at the 2015 Atlas Race Kansas City, taking home a cash prize of $400.  

Eric's 2014 Race Highlights

The Munson Mayhem duathalon (5K 10mi bike, 5K), overall winner
The Spirit race 5K, overall winner
Double double road race (10k, 5k in the same day), Age group winner 35-39
DOT to DOT 10K, overall 3rd place
Great Escape Run 5K, overall 2nd place (beaten by S&S team member Juantonio)
Plaza 10K PR 38:43, 61st out of 3325

Rusty's Race Highlights:

6th in Age Group at OCRWC

For more race highlights see his profile below under the OCRWC team.

STRENGTH & SPEED: 2014 Obstacle Course World Championship Team

Rimas:  1 Goofy's Challenge Completed (Full marathon on Saturday and Half Marathon on Sunday)

6 Marathons Completed
7 Half Marathons Completed
1 Tough Mudder

Evan Perperis: See highlights in the S&S Founder Section.

Rusty Palmer (Follow him on Facebook here)

Messerfit/ Crossfit Lebanon Sponsored Athlete
1st place overall Mudocalypse
2nd place overall Heaven and Hell Gravel Mine Challenge
3rd place age group Tampa Spartan
6th place overall, 1st in age group at Mud Ninja
8th overall Warrior Dash
3x Tough Mudder Finisher

Kevin Righi:  1st place SuperFit East Coast Championships 2014 (male/female scaled)
1st place team scaled SuperFit Roanoke 2014
2nd Overall Spartan Citizen Bank Sprint 2014
2nd place Team 2013 Summer Capital Affiliate League
2nd in Age Group Smith Mountain Lake Sprint Triathlon 2014
6th place at 2013 CMC race at Bryce Resort
9th overall August 2014 Mud Guts & Glory
Countless obstacle races including 3 Tough Mudder finishes
Crossfit Level 1 Coach & certified ISSA Fitness Trainer
Collegiate Lacrosse Player

ALTER EGO: 2013 World's Toughest Mudder


The four athletes that make up the team competing at the 2013 World's Toughest Mudder, a 24 hour obstacle/mud run.  Powered by Under Armour's Alter Ego Gear.  Check out some of their race highlights below:

Sean Sharpe: 2010 Baltimore Half Marathon Champion
1/2 Marathon PR of 1:11:26 (Austin 2006)
10 Miler PR 52:18 (PHI Broad Street Run)
4 Marathons completed (ATL, CHI, Anchorage, PHI)
2008 Hood to Coast Relay Team Member
Muddy Buddy World Championship Finisher (26.2mi Mud Run)
Harry Harp: Ranger Qualified Iraq War Veteran
Completed multiple JFK 50 mile races
Goofy's Challenge (1/2 marathon on Sat, full marathon on Sun)
2011 Ironman Louisville
Variety of other races including Nashville Marathon, Muddy Buddy, Atlantic City Half Marathon and assorted short races
Joe Morgan: Iraq War Veteran, EOD technician
Atlanta & Prague Marathon (PR 3:31)
2013 Tri-State Tough Mudder Finisher
Experienced open ocean swimmer
Rowed on Heavyweight Crew in college

David Stakel: 7 time Ironman Finisher (PR 10:12)
(Wisconsin, Canada, Louisville, 2x Lake Placid, 2 Coeur d'Alene)
Countless half iron distance, olympic and sprint triathlon finishes.
2008 Hood to Coast Relay Team Member
2012 Mid-Atlantic Tough Mudder
Alter Ego finished the 2013 Tough Mudder after completing a total of 50 miles.  An ultra feat of endurance through obstacles and mud. 

Interested in joining the team?  Check out the criteria section.  We welcome all athletes with goals of improving Strength, Speed or both.  Join today and a set a goal because that will bring the best results.  


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