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Strength & Speed's 
Guide to Elite Obstacle Course Racing

Books available in hard copy only.

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Included in the book are interviews from some of the best OCR athletes in the world including:

Hammer Nutrition-Conquer the Gauntlet Pro Team Athlete: Evan Perperis

OCRGear-Icebug and Strength & Speed Athlete: Kevin Righi


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Below is a sample of the table of contents:


  • Exercise: Overview
    1. Specificity
    2. Periodization & Prioritization
    3. Peaking
  • Diet & Supplements:
    1. Overview
    2. Macro-nutrients
    3. Eating Clean
      1. Racing & Training Phase
      2. Bulking/Strength Gaining
      3. Cutting
    4. Supplements
  • Rest & Recovery
    1. Rest
    2. Recovery
      1. Passive
      2. Active
  • Getting Started & The Competitive Drive
  • Obstacle Race Training: The Obstacles
  • Obstacle Race Speed Training
    1. 8 Week Easy Difficulty 5K Training Plan for a PR 
    2. 8 Week Medium Difficulty 5k Training Plan for a PR
    3. 8 Week Hard Difficulty 5k Training Plan for a PR 
    4. 8 Week Easy Difficulty 8mi Training Plan for a PR 
    5. 8 Week Medium Difficulty 8mi Training Plan for a PR 
    6. 8 Week Hard Difficulty 8mi Training Plan for a PR 
    7. 12 Week Easy Difficulty 13mi Training Plan for a PR 
    8. 12 Week Medium Difficulty 13mi Training Plan for a PR 
    9. 12 Week Hard Difficulty 13mi Training Plan for a PR 
    10. 16 Week Easy Difficulty 26+ Mile/Ultra Plan 
    11. 16 Week Medium Difficulty 26+ Mile/Ultra Plan 
    12. 16 Week Hard Difficulty 26+ Mile/Ultra Plan 
    13. Accessories for Speed Training: Shoes, Electronics, Masks and Vests
    14. Racing
  • Strength Training: Off Season Cross Training & Improving Your Weakness
  • Learning from Other Sports
  • Obstacle Racing Accessories & Equipment
    1. Building your Own Obstacle Racing Equipment
    2. Building Your Personal Fitness Mecca
  • Other Advantages
  • Finding Your Ideal Race
    1. The Different Race Series
    2. The Different Obstacle Race World Championships
    3. Interview with the Founder of the OCRWC: Adrian Bijanada
Interviews with Elite Obstacle Racers