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Online Training for Other Styles

While we believe Tiga Tactics is the best, most concise and simplest way to learn self defense online, sometimes people want more of the art and less of the martial in their training.  Here are some great resources you can look into if you are looking to train more traditional styles like Tae Kwon Do, Bo Staff, Nunchaku, Krav Maga, Filipino Martial Arts or even Muay Thai from your own home. 

While having a dojo or gym to train at is undoubtedly the best, using online resources such as those listed below can help reinforce lessons learned in person, give you a good base of knowledge prior to starting in person training or simply provide a helpful resource for those that lack the time, money or access to local training facilities.  If people are getting their college degrees online, why not get your martial arts certifications online to supplement your in person training.

TKD, Karate, Krav Maga, Bo, Nunchaku, Muay Thai

If you are looking for training that provides feedback, awards rank and motivates you to learn a more traditional style from your how home, check out Global Martial Arts University.  It is a monthly subscription service that can be paid in advance saving money and provides instant access to all levels of training.  When ready, you can submit videos for testing (no additional fee), receive feedback and be awarded certificates/rank in your chosen style.  First couple of lessons are 100% free.

Dynamic Fighting Arts

Dynamic Fighting Arts is the lowest cost online training we have found. If you are new to online training and what a ton of information for a low price, definitely start here.  Dynamic Fighting Arts (DFA) specializes in Filipino Martial Arts doing a lot of work with systems like Kali, KunTao and other blade work like Karambits.  No fee is required for testing for all but the highest levels and for those it is still inexpensive but requires a video test.  The complete 1st level of Kali is 100% free, a bargain worth taking even if you don't continue onward.   

Dynamic Fighting Arts Books

Dynamic Fighting Arts also has a series of books that help further understand concepts.  The books are best utilized in conjuciton with the online learning system as it is hard to convery movement in picture form. 

Recovery & Performance

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Punching/Kicking/Grappling Gear

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Grappling: FavUke grappling dummy

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