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Endure The Gauntlet Videos
Teaser Video

Short video filmed mid-event of Endure The Guantlet
Filmed by Jason Dupree of OCR Talk

Long recap video of Endure The Gauntlet
Filmed by Jake Diehl of S&S

Strength & Speed Development Team Athlete Nathan Thiel takes you through how to build your own obstacles for OCR.

Build your own spear and target

Build your own rig holds

S&S went to Lebanon for the OCRWC qualifying event The Hannibal Race.
Check out this quick recap made the same day as the event.

Full length OCR America Movie (1 hr 30 min).  Features video and pics from OCR America with sound from the Overcome and Run podcast.

Highlight video showing some of Sinergy Sports products.

Strength & Speed in the Weight Room

McVey with a monster 500 lbs. deadlift. 

Personal trainer, strength specialist and OCR athlete Jared Renyer knocking out 3x515.

OCR America 2016 Videos

BattleFrog Xtreme Chicago 2016:  Race Clips
Evan finished 1st overall for his 3rd BFX win (the record for most BFX wins)

Kevin Righi & Rusty Palmer from 2014 OCRWC.

Strength & Speed teams highlight reel from OCRWC 2014 and 2015.

Strength & Speed Athletes on OCR Warrior

Nathan Palmer of Strength & Speed 2015 OCR World Championships team competing on the 2015 Season of OCR Warrior.

Evan Perperis of Strength & Speed 2014 OCR World Championship team competing on the 2015 Season of OCR Warrior.  

Kevin Righi of Strength & Speed 2014 OCR World Championship team competing on the 2014 Season of OCR Warrior.

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2015 OCR Warrior Episode with Nathan Palmer vs. Matt Willis

2015 OCR Warrior Episode with Nathan Palmer vs. Hobie Call

2014 OCR Warrior Episode with Kevin Righi

2015 OCR Warrior Kansas City Preview Episode

2015 OCR Warrior Kansas City Qualifier Episode

2015 OCR Warrior Episode Evan Dollard vs. Evan Perperis

Sandstorm from 2014 World's Toughest Mudder.

Evan Perperis' 2014 World's Toughest Mudder highlight reel.

Natasja Allen working with Aghan girls overseas teaching them basketball and leadership skills that can be applied off the court.

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Evan "The Fastest Bodybuilder", a Hammer Nutrition Sponsored Athlete and S&S founder,  crushing some impressive lifts including:

1. Triple body weight deadlift three days after his last bodybuilding competition.  (465 lbs. @ 155 lbs. body weight)

2. 10 x 405 lbs. Deadlifts at 167 lbs. BW

3. 5 x 135 lbs. dips at 168 lbs.

4. Highlights from 2012-2013

5. 1 Rep Max test 

6. 45 lbs. weighted pull ups four days after a 100 mile run

Video highlighting some various accomplishments from 2013.