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Videos featuring Evan Perperis from brands like Stoke Shed, Overcome and Run, OCR Talk and Strength & Speed's own Jake Diehl.

Stoke Shed (2020) coverage of the 8 day long, 200 mile, 1000+ obstacle charity event 
OCR America 2: When Hell Freezes Over

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Stoke Shed (2019-Present)

Tulsa based multimedia company Stoke Shed shot this short video on focus during the five hour Conquer The Gauntlet Continuum- Oklahoma City 2019. (1 minute)
18 minute interview with Stoke Shed's Bobby Ross as he attempts to run his first marathon ever without training to raise money for charity.
12 minute mini-documentary of Stoke Shed co-owner Bobby Ross running his first marathon with some advice from Evan.

Reign vs. Bang Fight Scene (2021)

Part of Bobby Ross' YouTube channel and commentary on Mortal Kombat, Evan and MMA Fighter Colt Billingsly coreographed a fight scene. 

Subscribe to Bobby's YouTube channel here.

OCR Talk (2018)

OCR Talk's Jason Dupree filmed and produced this short film during Evan's 48 hour charity OCR, Endure The Gauntlet. (8 minutes)

Strength & Speed's Jake Diehl (2018)

Strength & Speed's Jake Diehl produced this Endure The Gauntlet recap video after the 48 hour event. (17 minutes)

1st Infantry Division: Operation Victory Wellness Spotlight (2021)

Evan being highlighted for 1st Infantry Division and using physical fitness to keep himself physically healthy, inspire his soldiers and maintain a high degree of mental wellness.

Created by the Public Affairs Office of 1st Infantry Division using OCR footage shot by Bobby Ross along with contributions from Jason Dupree and Jake Diehl.

Overcome and Run (2016)

Overcome and Run podcast audio overlaid with video and pictures taken by Strength & Speed during the seven day OCR America event to raise money for Folds of Honor. (1 hour 37 minutes)

OCR Warrior:  YouTube Show (2015)

Kansas City Preview Episode

Kansas City Qualifier Episode

Kansas City Knockout Episode

Evan Dollard vs. Evan Perperis

Coming in 2022! 
Ultra-OCR Man Documentary 


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